Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer Bound

Hello Friends and Family, I know that is the old greeting I used for our email newsletters. It comes natural to me to keep using it. May is coming to a close, and I wanted to post something, anything, ok well maybe, nothing much.
May has been busy as my previous post alluded to. Sigma came to an end with a beautiful Under the Sea banquet. Visit Thimblethoughts on our sidebar to see pictures of that. Jamie and Justin both placed in the top ten highest scores for the year.

My parents came down for a quick visit. I enjoy having them at church every year. They do not get our unique brand of worship up there, and I always hope they leave blessed and refreshed.

Ted and I were able to take a 16th honeymoon in honor of our anniversary. We had an absolutely wonderful time!! The boys were able to join us with the church and family for the weekend, and they enjoyed their end of year class trip. Ted is turning our pictures into a mini- movie. I do not know how soon he will have it ready, but I hope you will be patient until he can make them available to ya'll. We bought a new camera that we absolutely enjoy using.

The boys did their CAT testing, and I can only pray they did well. We officially end the school year next week, but they still have some curriculum to finish over the summer. This week I had to babysit Abigail and Naomi, while Tammy tested Cheyenne. It has been fun to have the little girls come in with their exuberance and zany antics to give us a change in our normal routine.

Well, my new promotion has kept me busy, and, frankly, it alternates with making me pray hard and stressing out. I keep hoping I don't end up with an ulcer. I had to go to the courthouse this past week to file evictions on 2 tenants. Something I had really hoped I would not be responsible for. If they do not pay, I have this gut wrenching feeling that I will be the one going to the courthouse next week to represent the Landlord in this eviction. I am not a confrontational person, and I really have no desire to kick people out to the curb. I confess I am fretting about this. I keep praying for God to intervene, or at least to somehow get glory from this in His will being done.

I am looking forward to the summer months with maybe a slightly less busy schedule. I can be an eternal optimist :).

I want to send Birthday greetings out to Joshua, my nephew. Happy Anniversary to Dave and Carmelita!
Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.

Keep us in your prayers, I am not comfortable with my job and it's requirements, and Ted also has alot of stress in his job. He is suffering a sinus infection right now, which makes work more difficult.
Ya'll take care and drop us a line.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Gattlinburg Day 1

The boys spent the nights at Ronn and Mom's house while Rebecca and I headed off on a belated anniversary getaway.

Rebecca found a tree down by the river

We found a restaurant we haven't tried yet (Carena's) and we promised ourselves we'd go back as much as possible. This place makes Olive Garden look like McDonalds.

Rebecca had some Cheese & Crab stuff raviolli, which was awesome.

I had the equivalent of the Tour, but it was just called Carena's Combo. Lasagna, Chicken Parm, and a Spaghetti with a sauce that was off the hook!
We retired to the Pool, then hit the sack for a long day in Gattlinburg shopping the store. More to come tomorrow :)