Sunday, January 11, 2015

1,2,3 say Cheese

Meditate on this....

Morning, ended up having to stay home from church this morning. Not something I enjoy doing at all. After praying for the pastor and the service numerous times, I decided to post something that I have been meditating on this week. I have been reading Isaiah for my devotions for awhile now and came across chapter 31 verse 4 where it states that the young lion after his prey will not be afraid of a multitude of shepherds or their voice. It is prophetic of Christ's coming, but the Holy Spirit called something to mind that made me go hmmm for awhile now.
 When David mentioned that he killed the lion and the bear with God's help, we tend to gloss it over for the big prize of Goliath. David with  the help of God killed the giant with a slingshot, but when you go back to the book of Samuel, you'll see that David did not mention using that tool with the lion or bear. I have read it and heard it a bunch of times throughout my life, but it did not impact me as much as it did this week. David was a young man who killed that lion by smiting it and the bear by grabbing it by the beard, and smiting it. Now, maybe he used his shepherd's staff, but still he went against those wild, ravening creatures with a stick and his bare hands!!!!  He knew when God gave him victory over those that he would have victory over Goliath.  In Isaiah it's a multitude of shepherds, and the lion isn't scared of them.  Wild animals even today tear apart their victims, rarely are they scared of them or their voice or a stick.   
So many spiritual paralells run through my mind about this. Such as, spiritual warfare against the fiery darts of the devil, or how our Pastor is our shepherd and he has to fight the wolf or wild beast off his flock, and other

scenarios. I am not rambling, I am meditating on this. I can't imgaine fighting for my life with my bare hands against wild animals, and most of the time I don't want to think that I am fighting the devil with my bare hands, when I should be equipped with a sword and all the armor of God.  Is my Pastor having to fight for the very safety of his flock?  What about you?  Is every day a battle that you are fighting for the Lord's side or are you just easy prey?
Do you care enough about your spiritual life, your family, your church, your friends, to fight against the things that would destroy them? 
Meditate on this....

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Wow imagine that?!

I was frustrated with blogger because it would not let me post pics while using my tablet. Well.... Ted was doing his usual techy stuff and asked me if I still blog. I mentioned I did, but was having issues. He asked me if I was using the app....uhhhhh no.....
Guess what!? Yep, the app allows me to upload photos......imagine that. 
LoL, I foresee a photo overload in your future😉.
Love this uber smart guy....