Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Monday Musings

It has turned cold here in NC this past week, especially at night and into the early morning hours. Our hard frosts are the equivalent of snow, as we get more frost then actual snow or ice per winter season. We have scurried around looking for gloves and coats and winter attire for the few hours it's actually cold, before you turn off the heat and turn the a/c back on in the afternoons. I could not find any gloves around here that fit me, and Ted and I both figured we would need to head to the store to get us both yet another pair that will eventually get lost come springtime.
It was Monday morning again, and I did not wish to be cold all the way to work, so I pulled my heavy leather overcoat on and trudged out the door. I put my hands into my coat pockets and felt something soft and warm. I pulled out a pair of gloves! Momma's gloves!!! I couldn't remember what I had worn last year, it was because it wasn't until Momma had gone to Heaven that I inherited her winter gloves. I stood there with the gloves in my hand torn with emotions. Do I wear them? Do I stand there and cry and never get to work? I chose to thank God, and Momma for the gloves that I needed, and to laugh because once again even a year later she is taking care of me through God's plan.
The rest of my Monday was filled with normal Monday mishaps, but also interspersed with little delightful blessings. The ladybugs are migrating or whatever it is they do when they invade someone's living space. I have secretly enjoyed ladybugs crawling around in my office and on my desk. They haven't been pesky and they haven't gotten in the way. They have been little reminders of how God can give us joy in simple things.
As I reflect in this Thanksgiving season, I can't believe it's been almost a year already. Only God's grace and love has gotten us through this time of mourning, of missing, of memories, of melt-downs, and of moving forward.
Thank You, Lord, for your blessings on me.