Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Glory Moment

Happy Day to Y'all!! I had a glory moment this morning that I have been anxious to share with everyone! I got in my car to head to work, and I happened to glance up at the sun. It was a common scene of the sun behind the clouds shooting rays in a neat display that I particularly enjoy. I started thanking God for the beautiful morning, and I was overcome with such a sense of eager anticipation. I felt this urgent freeing in my soul. I really wasn't sure if I would even make it to work, before the trumpet would sound, and I would be called into glory. All the way to work, I kept my eye on the sun and just worshiped and praised the Son of God. After stopping at the post office, I looked back up at the cloud covering the sun, and amazingly, the rays pouring out were through a gap in the cloud shaped exactly like a huge smile!
I am so ready should He come today! ARE YOU???!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August Rush

Dear Family and Friends,
Just an update for this month on the changes that have happened since my last post.
We are all doing well, and life is rushing by with very little time to stop and smell the roses.
Ted stays busy every day with his job as area supervisor for a Pizza Hut franchise. He tries to balance in family time and church activities, but ends up multi-tasking more often then not. I started my new job as office assistant for World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions. In addition to that, I am also the hospitality facilitator for their prophets' chambers. That is just a fancy way of saying that I keep the guest rooms clean. God has shown me how to be used for His ministry, and how to have joy in serving Him while I do it. It is not just a "job", it's a true ministry to people and missionaries around the world. I am both honored and humbled at the same time to be able to work in this capacity.

Our church had it's annual VBS earlier this month. For the second year in a row, I was delegated to coordinate the refreshment time. I had an amazing group of volunteers to help me. This year was by far the smoothest year we have had lately. 13 children were saved this year at our VBS, and we thank God for those new babes in Christ!

This weekend we look forward to hearing Tradition (Ted's quartet) sing at Crystal Seas Fish Camp in SC.

Ted and I have struggled with health issues and weight problems for the past few years. We have half tried various things, and usually end up back into our old unhealthy habits. With much deliberation and trepidation, we looked again at the Hallelujah Acres diet. This is a Christian organization designed to minister and aid in the health and well being of its clients. We are slowly working into this lifestyle change, and have both already lost 10 lbs each in the last month.
We are excited to see how this will change and help us physically, as well as, spiritually in the months to come.

James did not get either job that he applied for this summer, and has spent most of his days doing yard work for us and his grandfather. Justin just completed 2 weeks of driver's ed classes, and is waiting for the call when he will get the actual driving portion of his education. They will both start school the first week of September, and hopefully will stay committed to an intense year of education, preparing them for college ahead.
We extend birthday greetings to my brother David and his wife Carmelita, cousin Becky and her son Dustyn, my father, and Emily(our niece).
Special loving birthday greetings to my wonderful husband, Ted.
We love you so much and are so thankful to be with you every day!

Happy Anniversary to my parents!

I also want to mention that today is Ronn and Momma's wedding anniversary. Please continue to pray for Ronn and our family, as we continue to adjust to life without Momma. Also pray for Momma's family, her parents are not in good health. Ronn is supposed to visit them in NY the end of this month. Pray for his trip, and for healing for everyone.

Congratulations to my little cousin Gray on his recent wedding!

When Jesus returns will you go with Him?