Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Testing of your Faith

My last post over a month ago was about living by faith in every aspect of our lives. Let me tell you how that came to fruition. In the last long month, we kept getting stonewalled about the home loan and running out of time. Justin was not passing basic training and was going to be sent home. Ted was having some serious issues at work. We prayed so hard and probably even recruited some of y'all to join our army of prayer warriors.
1. God stepped in at the last minute and let us move into our new house early, we are hoping to close on it April 29th.
2. That very same day we got to move in, Justin called to say that he had been given a rare chance to try one more time to pass his PT. We thought at best he might get sent to a fitness training unit. Instead, God stepped in and he more then passed each phase of his PT Test. His teammates and Drill Sergeants were completely baffled. What an opportunity for Justin to see God work His will and His way in his life. What a testimony for all who hears the story. Justin has grown so close to the Lord because of what he has gone through. The trying of his faith is molding him spiritually. We had the wonderful opportunity to watch him graduate Basic training and take him to his next stage of training at Ft. Gordon.
3. Ted's job situation eased up a bit and he is trusting God to give him wisdom and meekness.
So here we are, unpacking and getting settled in a beautiful home, waiting to hear if James will graduate next week, and encouraging Justin to dig in with all his heart and soul into his training.
Oh! Did you hear... the US is sending troops towards Russia??? My heart skipped a beat and chills came up, if y'all aren't excited about this then maybe you should read Ezekiel 38.
To God be all the honor and glory for helping us to walk on water by faith.