Thursday, April 30, 2015

Give and Take

After a feeble attempt at a vacation, Ted was thrust neck deep into work. I too went back to work, and going to Crossroads Rescue Mission Jubilee at night. We encountered some drama that we knew would come eventually, but it doesn't make it any easier even when you know it's going to happen. It has been rough on both of us, but God gave me strength and peace. Ted came home last night, while I was at the Jubilee. When I came home, he was in a very flirty mood! It was good to see him taking a few moments to act carefree. He brought home a beautiful hyacinth tree, a huge bowl of chocolate truffles, and a gorgeous pendant and earring set. He also had written me a sweet letter thanking me for praying for him, and my humility. We then sat together on the couch cuddling and letting him talk over all that he has been dealing with this week. 
Do you earnestly pray for your spouse every day? Do you ask others to join you in praying for your spouse? It really matters and really makes a difference in your marriage and your lives.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Roller Coaster

It is already April 2015, and I sure haven't stayed up to date on blogging. Life is like a rollercoaster, and if it wasn't for God holding my hand, I would probably die of fright. 
I thought of trying to do individual posts highlighting each month or different events, but I would probably miss something  or get them all out of sequence.  January was the month we said goodbye to Justin as he headed to South Korea, but before he left we met the young lady that would soon become his girlfriend. What a blessing and joy it has been to have Amanda in our lives. We have had the privilege of meeting her mother already and our standards and beliefs are kindred. We are looking forward to many more memories made with this precious family. 
February was the month that Justin and Amanda decided to enter a relationship albeit long distance. Ted and I had a beautiful, romantic Valentines weekend.  We also took Tammy out for her birthday, including Cheyenne and Ken since we did not really get to celebrate their major milestones of turning 18 and 40 respectively.  Cheyenne graduates from high school next month. I had a hard time picturing this little girl becoming a lovely young lady all those years ago when Ken and Tammy adopted her. I am so blessed to have this sweet Princess in my life.
In March, Justin turned 21, and as a special surprise for him I asked family and friends to make birthday videos to share on facebook with him wishing him a happy birthday while he is in Korea. 
So after those brief important highlights we are caught up to April.  Ted bought me a beautiful Easter dress, and I felt like a Princess as we celebrated the Resurrection of the King!  A week ago we joined Amanda and her mother for a 2 day outing just to get to know each other and Justin joined us via skype. Then Ted and I ran off to the ocean together for a couple of days to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary.  Definitely left us craving more time away. 
Upcoming events: James had heard that he is being transferred from Korea to Missouri in June.  He has put in for leave during June in hopes to come home for a few weeks.  We are waiting to hear if this is approved.  Justin is waiting for a dental appointment then will resubmit his leave time in hopes that he too can be home for a little bit in June. We do not know for sure if either leave will be approved or how many days they will have.  We are hoping they will both get to come home at the same time. Justin will have to go back to Korea though, and I am afraid that will be difficult for him.  Both boys are very homesick, but have adjusted pretty well to Korea.  James has found a talent for photography, and I hope he explores that further. 
Below are some pictures of this year's highlights. 
Valentines Weekend 2015
 Cheyenne's Homecoming Court
Birthdays celebrated at Maggiano's Chey -18, Tammy,  and Ken-40

Easter 2015
Justin and Amanda's first "date" 
Amanda and her mother Mrs. Kim. What a beautiful family serving the Lord together.
 Happy 23rd Anniversary

Cheyenne's cap and gown pictures, she will graduate next month. 
Hope yall enjoyed the news and pictures.