Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Ladies and Gentleman, I am proud and pleased to announce that Justin Andrew Corriveau is officially a Private in the United States Army. We went to his enlistment ceremony yesterday and he will start Physical Training tomorrow. February 4th he will leave for 10 weeks of basic training in Ft. Benning, GA. His advanced training will be at Ft. Gordon in southern Georgia. He has enlisted for a 5 year contract. I would tell you what he is going to do but that is top secret(think about it).

James finally qualified to enlist and he will go next Tuesday for his medical testing and enlistment ceremony. If he is found qualified, he will go to Ft. Jackson, SC, near Columbia, SC, the end of February for 9 weeks of basic training. His advanced training will be at Ft. Lee, Virginia, below Richmond. His contract is for 3 years as a track vehicle repairer(fixing tanks, etc.)

Please pray for both of my boys as they strive to do God's Will for their lives.

Ted's finger has healed amazingly well and is closed over completely. He has not lost any movement and the scar tissue is minimal. He says it gets a little stiff once in awhile. Thank you to all who prayed for his healing.
My job is going extremely well and God is giving me wisdom and grace every day.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Foggy Cocoon

Morning, Folks,
I haven't really had a moment to sit down at this computer for any leisure surfing. The last two weeks have been full of training and beginning to take on the responsibilities of my new position. When I get home from work, it's time for supper and a bit of time with the family and off to bed early.

Today looks like the perfect day to snuggle down and catnap with the foggy cocoon surrounding the house. Alas, that will not be the case. This morning is our Fall Festival for our bus ministry, Ted is hoping to re-open the Shelby restaurant this afternoon after a very long renovation. James has to bury his beloved cat Socks who like so many of us think we are untouchable by danger and death. I dreamed last night that Socks was still alive and was only playing possum on the side of the road. I woke up this morning realizing that dreams aren't always a reality.

Now of course since the boys are actively pursuing enlisting in the army, I see all the horrible stories of how they are Anti-Christian, etc. Part of me wants to shelter the boys and tell them it's a dangerous place to be, but this whole world should not be our cozy cocoon! We are at war with Satan, sin, and evil... or we should be.
I call the boys-infiltrators... they will join the Army IF it lets them and they can be used by God.. if they let HIM.

So in spite of the extreme desire to sit and vegetate and rest all day as my mind and body craves, off I go and pray that God will bring another soul or more to Himself today.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Just Right

Happy Saturday Evening, Y'all,

I sound happy, don't I? Well, let me share with you why I am so cheerful on this busy Saturday in the midst of my training. I had a fairly busy week learning the first aspect of my field. I did alot of praying every day and made sure to give God the glory and honor whenever I was discussing anything with anyone literally. I yearn to be such a shining light for Him in the few days we have left on earth.

Friday was full of meetings and I started to feel overwhelmed at the magnitude of responsibilities and expectations put upon me from now until whenever. I am so glad that God will be the One in control. I keep reminding myself that God put me in this position and He will be the One Who will give me wisdom and guidance and help as I do my best to live up to everyone's expectations and hopes to further the company.

I admit I was a bit concerned that I would be so overwhelmed by all the overload of information that I would not be able to concentrate on the Super Teen Class today at church. Then I had 2 of my assistants call out and then I heard the fair was in town, and I started wondering whether the devil was going to win today. Let me just stop right here and Praise God for hearing my prayer and concern. He stepped into that classroom and convicted two young ladies of their need for a Savior! Today there are two new babes in Christ!!!! THIS is what makes me so happy!!! Praise our Precious Lord and Savior for stepping into a small classroom and showing two young ladies just how much He loves them.

After bus ministry was over, I felt compelled to stay and help our church secretary and my previous manager set up for our church's homecoming dinner tomorrow. God was once again showing me that He can help me have the strength and energy to serve Him not just at work, but to me where it's most needed, at church and in the community. I came home to become Super Wife and planned tomorrow's meal, cleaned up a bit, planned tonight's supper, and made lunch and a future snack option.
Right now our lovely dinner of chicken, sweet potatos, and peas is nearly ready.
The rest of the night we are gonna have some family time before Justin heads off to work.

Oh for the update on the guys:
Ted's finger is healing keep praying for that
James is liking his new job at the same location I work
Justin is still wishing for a job that isn't 3rd shift

Both boys have turned in their paperwork for the military, but due to the shut down we aren't sure when they will hear back for their next step. Pray for both of them to do God's will.

Once again, I just want to thank the Lord for helping me to juggle it all, but most of all like Trisha said... let Him do the driving and get out of the way!