Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What are my options? Rapture or Retail

I know I have been a bit obscure about the details of my faith journey, or I should say the cause of my journey into the unknown land of trusting before verifying.
We were informed a month or so ago that our store would be closed down. It is said to be a real estate strategy and nothing to do with the actual operations of the store. I was promoted to part-time management and will stay through the total closing of the store. It's a bit surreal since I was there for the initial opening of this same store 6 years ago!
So what does this mean? Well, I am job hunting on the side when I am not working or helping in VBS or catching up on housework, etc.
I got an application for a store opening in our local mall... but I confess it looked very intimidating.
Then, the store next to ours which happens to be a very high end retail clothing store came in looking to see if anyone wanted to join their team. My manager recommended me and told me that they would probably hire me. I glided past their window yesterday as I was leaving and thought "No way would little, ole country girl like me be able to look like all those models in there!" I am keeping it in the back of my mind, but they also intimidate me.
On my way home though, I stopped at the large store across the road and asked for an application. They are closed on Sundays which means sooo much to me. My manager has graciously only asked me to work 1 Sunday and sometimes 1 Wednesday evening a month in my present job. She has also given me evenings off for VBS this week, unless there is an emergency and I have to cover a shift. My sons and husband are keeping a watchful eye on my foray back into the job search. I fully trust that God will lead me to my next position as He has led me all my life.
My manager dreams of the day that she has another store to run and makes me her assistant manager-lol! I dream of the day the Lord Jesus returns and claims me as part of His bride!
My options-- retail? or something else? I would just prefer the rapture even if that sounds like escapism.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Burnt, Scorched Earth

These past couple of weeks have been a journey of faith, this journey is not over as it needs to take place every day that I am still on this earth.

This last week was really difficult for me, and I was getting frustrated and discouraged. Friday night in desperation to put a voice to my burdens, I sat down and listed the things that were weighing so heavily on me. I had 13 grievances, and then I ended it in a desperate prayer. Yesterday, I struggled to pull myself out of the dumps, only barely rising above the abyss. Let me tell you how good God is!!! He heard every single one of those pleas for help and today from Sunday School straight through the evening service He answered EVERY single one of those issues.
So, tonight I sat down and wrote down the 13 answers He gave me to EACH one of those issues.
I am so thankful to be in a church where God comes to meet with me and to remind me as I focus on Him that His grace IS sufficient and that He is all that matters.
I am bubbling over with humble thanksgiving for how He cares and loves ME so much that He wants ME to know it.

Thank You, Jesus, I praise You for help, hope, and healing.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

With More Thought

As many of you may know, Ted was diagnosed with borderline Type 2 diabetes a few years ago. Some times he does really well and gets close to his goal of being medication and diabetes free.. but then life and work invade and he relapses. Every time a doctor's appointment nears, we both work extra hard to see how close he can get to having a good report. Well, it's that time again, so on my end of things I need to make sure that what I serve him will be healthy and tasty. Not only for him, but I need to keep my cholesterol down as I am genetically pre-disposed to having high cholesterol. Today on my day off, I had originally thought I would run around to various little errands and do some shopping... but God knew I needed a day to rest and to plan meals. The skies opened up and dumped all over my little world. Don't tell anyone, but I do like it when it rains IF I don't have to drive in it.

This change of plans has led me to sit and think about good meals that will be healthy and tasty. It is easy to just think of meals and throw something together, without taking into consideration what affect it will have on our health. It's harder to sit down and think through the elements of a meal and make sure they are balanced and promote good sugar and lower cholesterol. I have to confess, I only have about a week's worth of dinners thought out. This provoked a spiritual parallel for me as I was considering meal options. It is so easy for us to just go through each day and absorb whatever we come across regardless of the mental, emotional, spiritual implications it has on us. It takes more thought to remember to protect ourselves from the world instead of just letting it drown us in immoral and spiritual demoralizing deluges.
Are you proactive, or reactive?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Even in the Valley God is good

This Monday as you have read was just not a very good day, I can picture how Winnie the Pooh would say this.
Tuesday was my last day of work before Ted and I were to be on vacation. Ted was dealing with a gnarly issue at work, and I had to tell him that my job was going through a transition that we had not anticipated. I can't divulge much about this, but it is what started me focusing on what faith is all about. This is why God had me reading Hebrews over again slowly and thoughtfully. Hebrews 10-11 still ring through my subconscious as God showed me that it's only "by faith".
Anyway, both of us were just miserable and neither one of us handling these situations very well. I was forcing myself to practice what I preached about faith, and I was grumpy. The forecast for the week was rain, rain, rain... They were saying the ocean would be rain and extreme ozone, and the mountains would be rain and mudslides and dangerous to travelers.

VACATION??? It became a stay-cation and more like stagnation.
Thursday the 4th we had a potluck supper with family under a very dry roof.

Friday, we went to visit Momma Birt and rejoiced to see her doing so much better and getting ready to head to a great rehab facility. The O's were there and together we sang a song of hope and praise in her room with her. "Don't Give Up on the Brink of a Miracle"... I needed that song just as much as she did!

When Satan would have you look
At the trials of life that surround you
And he tries to appear, and bring doubt and fear
All around you
Don't look with the eye, or listen with your ear,
Just cry out to God, He is always near
In your darkest hour, your miracle is here!

The devil is a thief, and he sends those troubles
To confound you
And he lies and says "This time,
There's no way you can find to make it thru"
Remember God's true Word, the battle is the Lord's
Don't give in to fear, think on things that are pure
Praise the Lord, your miracle is here!

Don't give up on the brink of a miracle
Don't give in, God is still on the throne
Don't give up on the brink of a miracle
Don't give up, remember you're not alone


Yesterday, we ran around a bit and did some self assigned chores around the house. My boss texted me to tell me that she was going to promote me! Right there in the midst of my faith journey, God reached over His hand and said "Here is hope".

Today, I enjoyed the service this morning, but let me tell you about tonight's service. The choir seemed to sing with extra strength, the special music was reassuring, full of hope and reminding me that God was right there with me through all of this. I was able to pray and praise and thank God for His love and goodness to me. Then Br. O got up to preach at the request of our pastor. He preached from Hosea... about the valley of Achor being the door of hope to Israel. Wow, let me tell you -that message was straight from God and reminded me that valleys are places God uses to draw us close to Himself. This is not a new thought to me, but to be so gently yet bluntly reminded that God gives us valleys for specific reasons not to hinder us but to help us!
What a victorious feeling to walk away with after such a week of "woes".

And I will give her her vineyards from thence, and the valley of Achor for a door of hope: and she shall sing there, as in the days of her youth, and as in the day when she came up out of the land of Egypt. Hosea 2:15

Monday, July 1, 2013

Month of Mondays

Ever have a Monday that seemed to top all other Mondays? Yes, probably on a frequent basis would be your answer.
I had alot of frustrating computer related issues at work... It brought home how dependent business and livelihood is on technology. If something is not working correctly, it brings everything to a screeching halt.

I received some work related news tonight that made me ask God to help me put feet to my faith. Ever try NOT to worry? I can say that I trust God to take care of things, I can look back and see how He has so faithfully done it in the past, but I still have to actually put feet to my faith and act like He really is taking care of it all. I don't want to just say the words, or even just believe the words, I want my faith to be so real that worry can't even cast a hint of a shadow.

Prayer Needs
My job situation
Ted's job issues
James is still in his first 3 months.. pray he will make the probationary cut
Joann, a missionary, needs prayer
Rachel my sister is asking for prayer as they seem to have a reprieve from the forest fire.. pray God continues to keep them safe in Colorado.
Pray for Momma Birt, she ended up having surgery as her incision got seriously infected, she is in the hospital and having many health concerns.

For we walk by faith, and not by sight... that's a good thing, because I sure can't see where I am going.