Thursday, July 11, 2013

With More Thought

As many of you may know, Ted was diagnosed with borderline Type 2 diabetes a few years ago. Some times he does really well and gets close to his goal of being medication and diabetes free.. but then life and work invade and he relapses. Every time a doctor's appointment nears, we both work extra hard to see how close he can get to having a good report. Well, it's that time again, so on my end of things I need to make sure that what I serve him will be healthy and tasty. Not only for him, but I need to keep my cholesterol down as I am genetically pre-disposed to having high cholesterol. Today on my day off, I had originally thought I would run around to various little errands and do some shopping... but God knew I needed a day to rest and to plan meals. The skies opened up and dumped all over my little world. Don't tell anyone, but I do like it when it rains IF I don't have to drive in it.

This change of plans has led me to sit and think about good meals that will be healthy and tasty. It is easy to just think of meals and throw something together, without taking into consideration what affect it will have on our health. It's harder to sit down and think through the elements of a meal and make sure they are balanced and promote good sugar and lower cholesterol. I have to confess, I only have about a week's worth of dinners thought out. This provoked a spiritual parallel for me as I was considering meal options. It is so easy for us to just go through each day and absorb whatever we come across regardless of the mental, emotional, spiritual implications it has on us. It takes more thought to remember to protect ourselves from the world instead of just letting it drown us in immoral and spiritual demoralizing deluges.
Are you proactive, or reactive?

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Kristi said...

Bruce just had his doctor's visit also. He's doing ok, but I know what you mean about fixing those good meals.
And super thought on drowning in the everyday events of life. It is very easy to do.