Sunday, October 30, 2011

Annual Lessons

When Momma died near the end of 2009, God showered His grace on us in countless ways. When a precious friend's father died in 2010, I asked God to give her a double portion of that grace to live through the time following her loss. He did just that! Last year was a lesson in God's amazing grace.
This year has been a lesson in trust. Do I really trust Him? I find myself often looking at the collage Ted made of Momma's smiling face and constantly asking God what was His purpose in taking her. I confess that many times I feel like I am complaining to Him because He won't show me the big picture. He hasn't chosen to tell me why she had to die. He just asks me to trust Him that He DOES know what is best for me and my family. Then, Ted's job changed in such a way that he is now gone every week. This hasn't happened in the near 20 years of our marriage. Every-time he leaves I keep telling myself and God that I can handle this. I can be mature about it and not panic. I must tell you that has yet to happen. I can't sleep at night, I get miserable and resentful until he returns. I am not trusting God to keep him or me safe. I don't trust Him to know what is best for us. I am so glad that a few months back God led me to a devotional book written by a very insightful missionary in Spain. He personally gave me the book and I have thanked God ever since. God has used those lessons at the exact time I need them. The underlying theme so far has been trusting God. Now, maybe there are other themes, but that is what God is gently showing me over and over again. Trust Him, simply trust Him.
So, this week when Ted leaves again, I am going to finally try to apply this lesson and trust God and sleep in peace.
If by chance, I get willful and stubborn I know that I have only misery as my reward.
So why in the world am I telling you all of this? Because, this blog is to help others with the lessons God has shown us.
Grace, now trust.... I hope I learn trust before the year is over so that God can move me onto the next annual lesson....I want to keep growing in Him... Do you??!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Oy! It's October

Time sure does fly, not just since I have last written a family news update, but the whole year has flown on the speedy wings of time. In June, James graduated from high school,in September he started college in Gaffney, SC. He is totally enjoying it and we are thrilled to have found a college so suited for his continuing education. He is finishing his job at World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions and has applied for a job at Walmart Distribution. We are praying that God will direct his employment path.

Justin is progressing in his senior year in high school. He is still seeking God's will for a job and college plans. He still has his learner's permit and yearns to get his driver's licence. He is co- captain on his Sigma team this year with his new cousin, Jordan. They are becoming good friends and work well together.

Ted's job has changed around, and he is now the area supervisor for 5 North Carolina franchise stores. This involves more traveling, as the additional stores are further away. I confess I really struggle with this and am still learning to deal with his out of town trips. We spend as much time together when he is home and value our time and communication even more.
Ted and James went on the mens' fishing trip with the church and really enjoyed their time on the coast.

My job at World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions continues to keep me busy along with teaching the teen class at our church's bus ministry. I have suffered a series of back problems this fall and even with therapy I find that it likes to slip off kilter at the oddest moments. Having to be careful puts limits on my activities and actions, but has made me so thankful for the otherwise good health.

I know that was a fast summary of our news, but I told you time flies :)

Happy Birthday Blessings to my dad, Momma in Heaven, Annette, Rachel, my sister, Mia, Jon,and Jenn, We love you all!!!