Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Merry, Merry, Month of May

Can you believe it's almost the month of May? I had a hard time imagining this month would arrive, back when we resumed school in August.
Now we are scrambling to get course work completed, and waiting for the CAT end of grade tests to arrive in the mail.
May is the month of field trips, class parties, ending programs, banquets, exams, and so much more.
This weekend the boys will be at a huge Youth Revival in Tennessee. Last year lit a fire in our youth group, and most of our teenagers, including Jamie and Justin ,got reassurance of salvation or actually realized they were in need of salvation.
The boys are looking forward to this weekend in hopes that it will boost them to yet another level in their relationship with Christ.
I am sure if you visit ThimbleThoughts, hosted by our wonderful friend Kristi, you will find pictures of this trip as it enfolds.
On another note, my boss has promoted me to property secretary. I was doing parts of this job previously, but now I have the complete responsiblity. This, at times, seems overwhelming, keeping track of nearly 30 tenants, their rental payments, and the various situations that arise concerning renting out property.
I do not know how often in May I will get to post as there is so much going on.
I did want to mention how thrilled I am and humbled to be teaching the teen class on Saturdays at our Bus Ministry Outreach program. I have a great team of assistants, and I have seen such progress and growth in this class. To God be the glory for taking my feeble efforts, and making such wonderful visible results evident.
Pray for one young teen girl who called me tonight in tears because her father won't let her come to church for awhile. She was heartbroken and so was I.
Hope to hear from yall soon.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Fever

As many of you have noticed we just have not posted since Tammy's 8th birthday!
In the meantime, we have stayed busy, sometimes overwhelmingly so. Justin turned 14, Happy Birthday, Son. We love you.
This week we are having our Spring Break from school, we started out with spring fevers and some sort of virus. At least they aren't getting behind in school work.
Today is Naomi's 4th birthday! Happy Birthday Munchkin!
Thursday is our 16th Wedding Anniversary- Happy Anniversary, Ted. I Love you more then I ever have before! I thank God for you!
One of these days, I will get the hang of posting pictures. I know these are old, after school is over I can work on posting updated pictures.
Ya'll have a wonderful spring!