Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Fever

As many of you have noticed we just have not posted since Tammy's 8th birthday!
In the meantime, we have stayed busy, sometimes overwhelmingly so. Justin turned 14, Happy Birthday, Son. We love you.
This week we are having our Spring Break from school, we started out with spring fevers and some sort of virus. At least they aren't getting behind in school work.
Today is Naomi's 4th birthday! Happy Birthday Munchkin!
Thursday is our 16th Wedding Anniversary- Happy Anniversary, Ted. I Love you more then I ever have before! I thank God for you!
One of these days, I will get the hang of posting pictures. I know these are old, after school is over I can work on posting updated pictures.
Ya'll have a wonderful spring!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Ted and Rebecca!
I tried to call you to wish you a happy anniversary,but i could not reach you. Please send me your cell phone and home phone numbers.