Monday, July 30, 2012


Guess What?! It's Monday again.... but I won't tell anyone if you don't!.

Work for nearly all week, along with VBS, but Friday is a special day for the love of my life. Services again helped me yesterday, reminding me to give my basket to the Lord and let Him use it. God reminded me to trust Him, draw close to Him, and watch the pride that often creeps in before I even realize it's there.

I do have a couple of prayer requests:
Ted's job has become even more stressful with some new hiring standards or lack thereof that have been implemented. His stress tends to bleed off on me even when he tries not to, so we both go around feeling stressed or doubly so. Good reminder to let God have the reins and stop worrying so much.

James got laid off from his job, he thought it was going to be temp-to-hire based on all the remarks they made to him. They really seemed to like his work and commitment, but they decided it would just stay temporary. He is between jobs right now and is feeling the financial pressure and the urge to get a job. I am glad he has a good work ethic and feels the God given need to be working.

Justin needs a job, but no one has called him back on his applications. We aren't sure how the transportation will work out, we are hoping he gets a job somewhere on the route to my work or something.

Personally, I just want to be the wife and mother that my family needs, and that is someone who is serving the Lord faithfully and wholeheartedly. The teen class in our bus ministry has been such a blessing to me as I try to follow God's leading, and guide that class to a closer walk with the Lord. Sometimes you wonder if anything is getting through and then God tips the basket just enough for you to see the abundance of bread inside.

So yeh it's Monday, but it is the day which the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday, but Someday...

You know it's Monday when:

All the vehicles you own including the weedeater and lawn mower have major issues

You want to choke someone

When your fingers don't hit the right keys

Your cat has worms... again

You realize that all the food you bought over the weekend is nearly gone

You aren't sure what to make for supper

You can't decide if screaming is worth the trouble

You really want to just strangle something

You have mounds of clean laundry only slightly higher then the mounds of dirty laundry, and no energy to balance the equation

Your child covers the car in mowed grass

Your child smacks the newly filled hummingbird feeder and dumps its entire contents into the grass

You try to mash potatoes and only end up with a mess to clean up on the floor

Throwing the cat off the porch didn't relieve the stress

Hours later and you still haven't touched the laundry


Monday comes AFTER Sunday for a reason...
Yesterday's services were wonderful, and I felt very close to Heaven as if I had a jump start on the Rapture. I can't wait to get to Heaven where every day will be a GREAT DAY!! SOMEDAY soon!!! What a day that will be when my Jesus I shall see....

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and hence I can't repeat today even if I tried.

I saw a church sign that said "Get Rich - Count your Blessings!"

I have far more blessings to count then my "Monday Miseries".....

Oh, and since I proof read for a living, I had to snicker at someone's typo today online "Kill the dog with rabbis." Hmmmmm?

Anyway, a good book and a cool bath after working in the yard finally calmed my need to annihilate something.... for to read my Bible, thank God for my blessings, try to laugh over today's comedy of errors part 2(yesterday had it's fair share), and get some sleep.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Now What?

Wow, so I was sitting here voraciously reading everything online that I could think of that would interest me. I have rotated the laundry, ate an early lunch, and meditated over one of my favorite authors and the book I just finished reading last night. As I sat here thinking about what to do next, I realized I was actually bored! How Exciting!! I so rarely get bored as I am always busy doing something or going somewhere. I love it when I get bored because of the odd rarity of it. It means I have finally slowed down enough to relax and have nothing pressing to do. Sure I have laundry to fold and put away, but as I have plenty more to wash I am not planning on doing that until later tonight.
Ted went to get Justin from Leadership Camp and plans to stop in at one of his stores to work on the way back. James isn't out of bed, the hummingbirds are still fighting over who gets to drink(such lessons you can learn by watching hummingbirds), and I blessedly have nothing to do.
I could shout and dance!!! I often pray for days like this, so - today I am so utterly grateful to be bored!!!! Now, let's see how long it lasts.....

PS. a couple of hours later an emu showed up slurping out of our fast drying mud puddle... aren't boring days cool?

Skip That!

Sitting here on a quiet Saturday morning, listening to the various hum of appliances and the skittering of our pets, I had to take a break from reading the news.

Last night in my devotional time I was reading God's promises of the Millennial reign to His chosen nation of Israel. This morning I am reading the news of massacres, uprisings, horrid abuse cases, diseases, politics, abductions, and general carnal mayhem. If you think this is bad, have you made plans to skip the Tribulation?
God's promises will all be fulfilled from beginning to end, and that includes the Tribulation- God's judgement on Israel and the earth for rejecting Him....
If you think this is pretty bad you ain't seen nothin' yet!!!

"This" is leading to "That" - Don't miss the Rapture, or you will not be skipping the Tribulation.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Onward Christian Soldiers!

This week will commemorate our beloved country's birthday. Last month we had the pleasure of being in Washington DC for a special Marine concert at a historic marine base in the heart of the Capitol. I have not written about that event, but thought it most appropriate to share some of that with you all today.
Ted hasn't had the chance to upload any of our personal pictures of that special evening, so I will post the link to the Marine base website and you can read the history with all it's pomp and circumstance.
(Blogger is not letting me post this as a link so just copy and paste it into your browser search engine.)

I had never heard of this marine barracks in our nation's capitol, and being from a family of Marines it was such an honor to get to be there for that evening concert.

We met Ted's friend at the front gate, bypassed security check lines due to his rank and status and headed to the grandstand seating. After obtaining our seats in the farthest end of the VIP section, we headed to the lavoratory so as not to miss anything when the show began. As we went back to our original seating area, we could not locate Ted or his friend. After searching further down the stands, we found them in the VIP section closest to the center of the field, right next to the seating area for all of the elected officials and military elite.

Words can not express the atmosphere and the patriotism that permeated that parade ground that evening. The respect and honor given to our military, flag, country, and heroes was something we will never forget.
(Remember you will need to copy and paste this link into your browser search bar)

At the closing of the concert, they lowered the flag and played TAPS..... I was struck by such a solemn, horrendous thought. Are they playing TAPS for our country????

I have pondered that sorrowful thought as I see the politics and media sending our nation into a spiritual abyss. This morning our Pastor made another illustration that pounded the same thought home. It's as if we as Christians here in the US are watching our beloved country go by in a funeral procession--and it means NOTHING to us.

Soldiers! awake.... it's time to fight for our country, our freedoms, our Faith, don't give in to defeat and enemy propaganda!!
ONWARD Christian Soldiers!!!

As I was doing a search for this picture posted below I accidentally typed " the Untied States of America" ..... Let's stay UNITED.... and never become "untied".