Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday, but Someday...

You know it's Monday when:

All the vehicles you own including the weedeater and lawn mower have major issues

You want to choke someone

When your fingers don't hit the right keys

Your cat has worms... again

You realize that all the food you bought over the weekend is nearly gone

You aren't sure what to make for supper

You can't decide if screaming is worth the trouble

You really want to just strangle something

You have mounds of clean laundry only slightly higher then the mounds of dirty laundry, and no energy to balance the equation

Your child covers the car in mowed grass

Your child smacks the newly filled hummingbird feeder and dumps its entire contents into the grass

You try to mash potatoes and only end up with a mess to clean up on the floor

Throwing the cat off the porch didn't relieve the stress

Hours later and you still haven't touched the laundry


Monday comes AFTER Sunday for a reason...
Yesterday's services were wonderful, and I felt very close to Heaven as if I had a jump start on the Rapture. I can't wait to get to Heaven where every day will be a GREAT DAY!! SOMEDAY soon!!! What a day that will be when my Jesus I shall see....

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and hence I can't repeat today even if I tried.

I saw a church sign that said "Get Rich - Count your Blessings!"

I have far more blessings to count then my "Monday Miseries".....

Oh, and since I proof read for a living, I had to snicker at someone's typo today online "Kill the dog with rabbis." Hmmmmm?

Anyway, a good book and a cool bath after working in the yard finally calmed my need to annihilate something.... for to read my Bible, thank God for my blessings, try to laugh over today's comedy of errors part 2(yesterday had it's fair share), and get some sleep.

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