Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Going to the Chapel....

Took my Sweet Baby to the Chapel to watch God expand our family even more with love and grace.

Here is the happy couple.... ok welll....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kudzu Knots

Irish Wedding Blessing
May your hands be forever clasped in friendship,
And your hearts joined forever in love.
Your lives are very special,
God has touched you in many ways.
May His blessings rest upon you
And fill all your coming days.

Saturday, our Heavenly Father will turn our Kudzu vine into a family tree.
We welcome Gayle into our family and her family as ours as she marries my second father-in-law.
Our love, prayers, blessings, and thoughts are with them on this special weekend beginning the rest of their lives together.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Child of the King

The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.
Jeremiah 31:3

My Prayer: O Lord, I am so undeserving of Your love! Thank You for drawing me to You and giving me Your gift of salvation! Thank You so much, Lord, for loving me with an everlasting love. Teach me, Lord, to love others the way You love me.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Time is Short

This has been a week of reflection for me. Things have been pretty hectic and fast paced lately, and I found that it was getting in the way of my personal time with my Heavenly Father. He has gently reminded me every week that I am not spending enough real time with Him. I remember the days when all I did was talk to Him and pore of His Word. So, this week I started making a conscious effort to spend more time in His Word and just more alone time with Him. The Super Teen Class that I teach in our church's bus ministry has been doing a series on "Who is God?" I don't just want to know Who God is, but I want to KNOW Him!

Today, we heard about the major earthquake and tsunami in the Pacific region of the world. The news even stated how this was so major that it even shortened the day by a microsecond. Each major earthquake has done the same thing. We often use the phrase, "time is short" or "time is running out", but in reality it really truly is, both physically and spiritually.

Are you ready for when time will end? Driving home from work today a praise song came on the local southern gospel station, and I sat there nearly in tears as I once again remembered how Christ died for ME! The overwhelming thought of this very act was more then I could bear. He is sooo perfect and His love is so perfect that He loves me because of my imperfections. Two nights ago, Wednesday to be exact, I was riding with Ted through downtown Charlotte. On one street alone, there were churches of every brand and religion, most of them dark and empty on a night set aside traditionally for prayer and praising God. There were 2 huge churches lit and a 3rd called a Universalist Church seemed open to the public. My heart ached to see all these buildings that supposedly promote worship and they were empty or promoting their agenda. As I meditated on God's amazing gift of salvation and how we just need to have faith in Him, I was reminded how apathetic and detached the majority of the church people have become.
I am so thankful for my church where tears are welcome along with shouting and praising God, but I thought of so many others that I know personally that church is more of a routine, a tradition, a duty or a way of life minus the joy. When was the last time YOU cried at the thought of God's gift of salvation???
Where is your faith? Millions nay billions of people on this earth worship idols and false gods to the point of death, and yet we who were once lost now act like our Holy Heavenly Father is less important then our own desires and wants. It's as if once we realized we had free will we chose to accept salvation, but not exercise daily faith in Him.
These thoughts have been burning in my soul since Wednesday, God offers salvation, will you accept it? If you have accepted it, then are you running the race, fighting the fight, and exercising your faith? Millions of people will believe in idols and false gods, why is it so hard for us to have faith and serve the One and ONLY True God?
Time is short!!!