Wednesday, December 10, 2014


With James off to Korea, we agonized with Justin over his inability to pass his final PT test. Finally we got news that yesterday his chapter paperwork was finished and they were going to separate him from the Army. His commanding officers who have really worked hard with him these past months, took him for a personal Pt test at 5:30am. The last lap his Sgt. Major ran with him, while the other commanding officers cheered him on from the sidelines! Praise God, he passed!!! He did not sign the chapter paperwork, but he will still have to meet with a JAG lawyer on Monday of next week, and there seems to be some thought that he might not get to stay in the army. We will leave it in God's hands. Pray for Justin, we had hoped to go down this weekend to celebrate with him, but that might not happen if his position in the Army is still in limbo.
As Christmas nears, Ted and I are still suffering from the crud and its various side affects. Our jobs are extremely stressful as you can imagine the retail world to be at this time of year. The Christ of Christmas is very real to us and because of His gift we can make it through each day.
Do you know the Christ of Christmas?

Gone with the Whirlwind

Well, Saturday morning bright and early we had Christmas with James, and then took him and his fiance up to Richmond, VA so that he could catch his flight to Korea. Everyone was kind and helpful and he caught his plane without a problem. We kept track of him through his whole trip and breathed a big sigh of relief when he made it to Korea the next day. He is about 14 hours ahead of us in time now. He seems to really like Korea and is getting settled in. He will be stationed there for a year. Pray for him.
So In a week's time we went to Morganton, Georgia and Virginia and back again. It was worth it, although even now weeks later I don't think I have recovered.
Hope everyone of ya'll had a blessed Thanksgiving.

Whirlwind week-Friday

Well now it's Black Friday, and at the moment I can't remember what we did. I know James was getting all packed up as he was shipping out the very next day. Oh my, now I remember, we took James to Georgia to see his brother at Ft. Gordon!! The boys hadn't seen each other since they left for the army in February!!! Our niece, Cheyenne with us too at Justin's request. What a silly fun day we all had together.
When I can figure out how to post pictures, from my tablet, I will share the pictures from this wild whirlwind of a week.


thanksgiving started bright and early as I started the turkey in the oven and then made the side dishes that we would take to share with our family and extended family in Morganton, NC. What a joy to reconnected with distant loved ones and to have James with us. After we stuffed ourselves with delicious food, we brought James back to have some time with his fiance's family. Turkey, traveling, and thankfulness, can you tell we are getting wore out?

Whirlwind week- Wednesday

Wednesday, our nieces came over first thing in the morning and helped us all make Ted's famous peanut butter balls for Thanksgiving. What sweet time with the girls as they reconnected with their cousin. James then met up with his Fiance and they had engagement pictures made before joining us at church for a special Thanksgiving Praise service. So much to be thankful for this year. God has so blessed and helped our family. We can't praise Him enough.

Whirlwind Week-Tuesday

Tuesday before Thanksgiving we had a photo shoot with James here at the house. As our favorite photographer had him in his daily fatigues posing different shots outside, many people stopped and Thanked him for his service. A sheriff car whizzed by and turned around, the officer getting out of his vehicle to thank James for his service. What a memorable time taking pictures and seeing a community that still respected and appreciated our US military personnel. Later that evening, we took James to his girlfriend's church where he proposed to her on the front steps of the church. Their tentative plans are to get married when he returns to the States in a year. Pray for both of them to grow in the Lord during this time of separation.

Whirlwind Week -Monday

The week of Thanksgiving was such a whirlwind that I am going to blog 1 day at a time so that you dont lose track of all that transpired.
Monday- Ted had picked up James from Ft. Lee at midnight and they spent the night in a hotel in VA. During the trip home to NC, they shopped for an engagement ring. They arrived home about 4:15pm, picked me up so that James could surprise his girlfriend as she got out of work. Since I had been sick so much, his girlfriend did not know if I was out sick or what. She figured he was coming home some time that week, but was still surprised to see him on MOnday. We took them out to eat and then the two of them went off to reconnect. Having Boots in the house was a definite blessing. He really had not changed much in his personality and that was a relief to know he was just as quirky as ever. And this was just the beginning....