Wednesday, December 10, 2014


With James off to Korea, we agonized with Justin over his inability to pass his final PT test. Finally we got news that yesterday his chapter paperwork was finished and they were going to separate him from the Army. His commanding officers who have really worked hard with him these past months, took him for a personal Pt test at 5:30am. The last lap his Sgt. Major ran with him, while the other commanding officers cheered him on from the sidelines! Praise God, he passed!!! He did not sign the chapter paperwork, but he will still have to meet with a JAG lawyer on Monday of next week, and there seems to be some thought that he might not get to stay in the army. We will leave it in God's hands. Pray for Justin, we had hoped to go down this weekend to celebrate with him, but that might not happen if his position in the Army is still in limbo.
As Christmas nears, Ted and I are still suffering from the crud and its various side affects. Our jobs are extremely stressful as you can imagine the retail world to be at this time of year. The Christ of Christmas is very real to us and because of His gift we can make it through each day.
Do you know the Christ of Christmas?

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