Thursday, November 29, 2012

Butterfly Vomit

What a "lovely" title to this post, eh? I have been sort of dragging my feet about job hunting. In the past, it seemed that God just dropped a job into my lap. I have been spoiled in the sense that I haven't had to go out and hunt a job like most people do at frequent points in their lives. I put in some applications online, with hopes and a prayer, but it seems God is testing my trust even further.
Tuesday, I climbed into my truck and headed for south of the border. At my first stop, I was so scared, that my butterflies started vomiting in my stomach. I walked into the place and nearly panicked, after wandering around trying to gather courage and failing miserably I found a familiar face from church. This unexpected surprise calmed me enough to ask for an application from her. I went back out to the truck to fill it out. The butterflies in my stomach "ramped up" full force again, and bile rose in my mouth. I was scared sick! I finished by sheer will power and walked back in and turned my application into the office. Then I drove as fast as I could to a nearby shop where a friend works. I sorely needed another friendly face. My stop there lead to putting in an application with her and having an interview! I knew I couldn't handle any more, and I went home where I spent the rest of that day and night wishing that the butterflies in my stomach would migrate to the tropics! Wednesday, I cowardly spent the day at home until church time.

Today, I girded my loins and went to the places that I had still on my list. The first place wants someone for breakfast hostess at 4:30am!!!!! I probably would have had an interview there but the inspector was coming and everyone was in panic mode. Oddly enough, I think my butterflies metamorphosed into them instead. I then stopped at my next place. I was greeted so pleasantly and the atmosphere was very calming and pleasant. While there, God sent another unexpected employee that I knew to chat with me, and she was thrilled to see me! I had prayed for her for years, and she finally got back into church. Now it seems that maybe she needs my prayers again. She was verbally recommending me to her manager as he walked by us. I finished the application and was able to have a brief interview with another manager standing there who was going to pass it along to the department I applied for. I might have to get a job the normal way, but through it all God has given me friendly faces to make things easier. I don't know what job He wants me to have, and I earnestly desire to do His will.

I think they should bottle butterfly vomit and sell it as a home defense weapon. That stuff is debilitating and toxic!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

His Life for Mine

Many thoughts have run through my mind for this blog post. This is a month of Thanksgiving where we emphasize the blessings that God has provided and bestowed. Due to a strange turn of events that still leaves me baffled, I resigned from my job. This spiritual journey of totally trusting God is even more amplified as now I seek another job- one that He wants me to have. The weeks spent agonizing over this decision brought Ted and I so close to the Lord. Now, it seems we are just waiting to see what else He will do in our lives. I find myself distracted but eagerly anticipating each new day, wondering if this will be the day He shows me the job where He wants me to serve Him.

We spent Thanksgiving with Tim and Jen and our Kountry Kudzu family vine. What a blessing each family member is as we draw closer to each other. Black Friday was spent moving Mark and Amy and Ronn and Gayle as they switched houses. Saturday was a special day devoted to my niece who turned Sweet Sixteen. Every year since she turned 13, I have made it a point to take her out for a special day for her birthday. She looks forward to it all year long, and I put alot of effort into it each year to make it memorable. What a sweet girl she is and yearns to serve our Lord. What alot of fun and laughs we had yesterday as we got her hair done, had a mini photo shoot, and then went out for supper together. It's hard to believe that the little tot that Ted's sister adopted so many years ago is now 16!!!
Today, our Sunday school class gathered for a lunch of yummy crockpot soups and a time spent making old fashioned Christmas decorations for the upcoming season.

James is hoping to hear tomorrow if he was hired for a second job in the same plaza that he works in now. Justin is doing well on his third shift job. Ted stays busy with his position for his company.

We are so blessed, but more so because without Christ giving His life for ours, we wouldn't even be able to face another day.

Will you pray with us that God will show me the job He wants me to have and still be able to be the wife and mother that He wants me to be?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stand our Ground

Ted and I have been going through a tough spiritual journey right now, and we yearn to do only what the Lord tells us. That doesn't mean our flesh doesn't want to raise up and confound the issues. I went to bed in the wee hours of this morning with the turmoil hovering under the thin veil of peace. When I awoke these few hours later, I woke to a song ringing forth in my head and heart. The strong peace was there and I thought I would share the words that were resounding through my head and heart.

Are you going through a valley, one like you have never known before? With so many songs of encouragement to help, I am glad God chose this chorus to wake me up this morning.

There are things we won't give over.
There are things worth fightin' for.
The book and the blood and the rugged cross
One faith, one way, one Lord.
When the world, and the flesh, and the devil press on,
And try to tear our strongholds down,
We will stand our ground.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Birthday

Today is an extremely special day for me. Today I turn 36 years old!!! For those of you who know me you are already questioning my sanity as I just celebrated my 40th birthday a little more then a week ago.
Thirty-six years ago some time before noon on this date, I gave my heart to Jesus. As I sit here and think of the various milestones and the mountains and valleys in my walk with Jesus, I realize just how hard it is to put into words, that is unless you know Him you can't begin to understand how precious a relationship with the Lord truly is.

This year has been quite the exercise in trust. I think of all the various trials and tribulations that have transpired this year, and then before I can begin to feel overwhelmed, God reminds me how He has been taking care of each circumstance.... I just have to trust Him.
Although His main lesson has been to trust Him more this year, there have been secondary lessons. For example, many times I have been on what seems to be autopilot, and He has to grab my attention and focus back on Him. Another lesson has been having a thankful heart, when someone wrongs me or irritates me, I need to pray a prayer of thanksgiving for them. God is teaching me to keep a thankful spirit even when people including(especially) believers wrong me. The more you pray for someone, the less you desire ill will towards them.

This week has been physically difficult as I fell last Tuesday and mashed my knees up really bad. There is nearly constant pain, but what I have struggled with the most is that it's nearly impossible to kneel at the altar to pray. The very position of kneeling at the altar is one of humility,repentance, and submission. I will be so thankful when my knees heal so that I can bow all of me in reverence and honor to my Lord and Savior.

Thank You Lord, for saving my soul,
Thank You Lord, for making me whole,
Thank You Lord, for giving to me, They great salvation so rich and Free
Thank You Lord, for your blessings on me