Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Birthday

Today is an extremely special day for me. Today I turn 36 years old!!! For those of you who know me you are already questioning my sanity as I just celebrated my 40th birthday a little more then a week ago.
Thirty-six years ago some time before noon on this date, I gave my heart to Jesus. As I sit here and think of the various milestones and the mountains and valleys in my walk with Jesus, I realize just how hard it is to put into words, that is unless you know Him you can't begin to understand how precious a relationship with the Lord truly is.

This year has been quite the exercise in trust. I think of all the various trials and tribulations that have transpired this year, and then before I can begin to feel overwhelmed, God reminds me how He has been taking care of each circumstance.... I just have to trust Him.
Although His main lesson has been to trust Him more this year, there have been secondary lessons. For example, many times I have been on what seems to be autopilot, and He has to grab my attention and focus back on Him. Another lesson has been having a thankful heart, when someone wrongs me or irritates me, I need to pray a prayer of thanksgiving for them. God is teaching me to keep a thankful spirit even when people including(especially) believers wrong me. The more you pray for someone, the less you desire ill will towards them.

This week has been physically difficult as I fell last Tuesday and mashed my knees up really bad. There is nearly constant pain, but what I have struggled with the most is that it's nearly impossible to kneel at the altar to pray. The very position of kneeling at the altar is one of humility,repentance, and submission. I will be so thankful when my knees heal so that I can bow all of me in reverence and honor to my Lord and Savior.

Thank You Lord, for saving my soul,
Thank You Lord, for making me whole,
Thank You Lord, for giving to me, They great salvation so rich and Free
Thank You Lord, for your blessings on me

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