Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stand our Ground

Ted and I have been going through a tough spiritual journey right now, and we yearn to do only what the Lord tells us. That doesn't mean our flesh doesn't want to raise up and confound the issues. I went to bed in the wee hours of this morning with the turmoil hovering under the thin veil of peace. When I awoke these few hours later, I woke to a song ringing forth in my head and heart. The strong peace was there and I thought I would share the words that were resounding through my head and heart.

Are you going through a valley, one like you have never known before? With so many songs of encouragement to help, I am glad God chose this chorus to wake me up this morning.

There are things we won't give over.
There are things worth fightin' for.
The book and the blood and the rugged cross
One faith, one way, one Lord.
When the world, and the flesh, and the devil press on,
And try to tear our strongholds down,
We will stand our ground.

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Bless said...

Oh how I love how my Heavenly Father takes care of me. I had just finished my devotions, which as always lately tells me exactly what God wants me to hear and learn. While sitting here meditating on those thoughts, my phone started playing " It is Well with my Soul"!
This has been my all time life song and God chose to blare it through my house and mind.
Thank You, Lord for reminding me that because of You it IS well with my soul.