Thursday, November 29, 2012

Butterfly Vomit

What a "lovely" title to this post, eh? I have been sort of dragging my feet about job hunting. In the past, it seemed that God just dropped a job into my lap. I have been spoiled in the sense that I haven't had to go out and hunt a job like most people do at frequent points in their lives. I put in some applications online, with hopes and a prayer, but it seems God is testing my trust even further.
Tuesday, I climbed into my truck and headed for south of the border. At my first stop, I was so scared, that my butterflies started vomiting in my stomach. I walked into the place and nearly panicked, after wandering around trying to gather courage and failing miserably I found a familiar face from church. This unexpected surprise calmed me enough to ask for an application from her. I went back out to the truck to fill it out. The butterflies in my stomach "ramped up" full force again, and bile rose in my mouth. I was scared sick! I finished by sheer will power and walked back in and turned my application into the office. Then I drove as fast as I could to a nearby shop where a friend works. I sorely needed another friendly face. My stop there lead to putting in an application with her and having an interview! I knew I couldn't handle any more, and I went home where I spent the rest of that day and night wishing that the butterflies in my stomach would migrate to the tropics! Wednesday, I cowardly spent the day at home until church time.

Today, I girded my loins and went to the places that I had still on my list. The first place wants someone for breakfast hostess at 4:30am!!!!! I probably would have had an interview there but the inspector was coming and everyone was in panic mode. Oddly enough, I think my butterflies metamorphosed into them instead. I then stopped at my next place. I was greeted so pleasantly and the atmosphere was very calming and pleasant. While there, God sent another unexpected employee that I knew to chat with me, and she was thrilled to see me! I had prayed for her for years, and she finally got back into church. Now it seems that maybe she needs my prayers again. She was verbally recommending me to her manager as he walked by us. I finished the application and was able to have a brief interview with another manager standing there who was going to pass it along to the department I applied for. I might have to get a job the normal way, but through it all God has given me friendly faces to make things easier. I don't know what job He wants me to have, and I earnestly desire to do His will.

I think they should bottle butterfly vomit and sell it as a home defense weapon. That stuff is debilitating and toxic!

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