Saturday, December 1, 2012

Green Christmas

Living in North Carolina especially during the Christmas and winter seasons, one would think global warming was a real problem. I just took a moment to gaze out my front window and realized the grass really should be mowed. Today is December 1st and my yard needs mowing.... in NY that would have been unbelievable! A heavy frost is usually the extent of what Carolina snow looks like in our region. Occasionally, we will get some snow or ice, but it never sticks around very long.

Today is the day I usually start decorating the house and yard for Christmas. I must confess that with 2 sick boys and a wore out husband it doesn't motivate me to start decorating.

This morning, I finished the preliminary computer work necessary to start my new job. Yes! God answered my prayers and I have a part time job!!! It will be revisiting a skill set that I haven't used in many years! So our Christmas season will be a little "greener" then we had hoped.

Well, before I start a mini project that has been nagging to be finished, let me leave you a sneak peak of my Sweet 16 niece from the photo shoot we did for her birthday.

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