Sunday, December 23, 2012

Worth It All

In my previous posts, I alluded to the busyness and chaos that this season and time in our life has brought us. Christmas was becoming a list of chores and things to do and check off from a list of the scatterbrained and overtaxed workaholics in this family. I was pretty discouraged by it all, and my heart was crying for some moment in time where I could enjoy what Christmas was really about. I just did not see how it was going to happen, and I feared it would soon be past and I would be left wishing I could have enjoyed it.
Tonight our church put on a Christmas program called The Cradle to the Crown. Words can't describe the depth of meaning and emotion that poured out of me tonight as I sat there in that hushed audience and watched the plot and storyline unfold. God heard my heart's cry and tonight I was able to capture that meaning and spirit of Christmas. It will make the actual day worth it all now that I have had this time of worship and praise to my Heavenly Father for His wondrous gift of salvation encased in the God-man, Jesus.
After coming home, James and I had our chance finally to share in our special tradition of blaring out our favorite Christmas carols and instrumentals and it just never seems complete without sharing that special quirk of ours. :)

My Christmas is already complete even before December 25th arrives.
It will be worth is all when we see Jesus...
What is it worth to you?

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