Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sundry Times

2013 who knew it? Well, God did. He numbers every one of our days and He knows His divine calendar. I never expected to see this day dawn on the temporal side of eternity. So, what does this mean? Well, it means to keep watching, be ready, and work for the night is coming!

This blog was founded with the purpose of helping others through their valleys as we have been through ours. Ted and I have not shared the depth of our recent valleys because we do not wish to cause gossip or harm to befall those who were involved. Ted and I were discussing it last night, and again came to the realization that it was a very dark time for us.
Every year God gives me a personal spiritual lesson for me to work on and learn and achieve. Last year(2012), He was very persistent that I learn to trust Him. I am so glad I chose to work on that lesson because I sorely needed to trust Him when I did not know which way to turn. At the end of this lesson, God sweetly whispered that with trust comes obedience. When I chose to obey Him instead of those who wanted me to follow their ideas and ways, I was released from a burden I did not realize I was carrying so heavily. With that choice of obedience, I changed jobs, then overcame some personal fears, worked on some challenging lessons, un-invited myself to a personal pity party, and decide to continue to obey God.

It's 2013, God has put me in a place where He wants to use me, and I am so thankful and humbled that He chose me to be an answer to someone's prayer. I have no doubts that I am doing God's will for my life. That is an amazing feeling!

What is God's lesson for me this new year? I am working on the obedience part, being an active witness to a lost world, being a living testimony to my kids and coworkers, being a strong,supportive helpmeet to my husband..... when God chooses to tell me what specific thing He wants me to grow and develop then I will concentrate on that as well.

Did I start a diet and exercise program? I don't think I will tell you ;)

Happy New Years! To obey God is better then sacrifice.... .... we ought to obey God rather then men....-these two truths are often found and cultivated in the valleys of your journey with God.

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