Sunday, January 13, 2013


Ted has for the past year been supervising 2 stores about 5 hours away. We have discussed having me go with him on a regular basis so that we aren't apart so often. This has never actually happened until this last weekend. In December, the manager of the farthest and busiest store in the company decided to resign after decades of management. This was sudden and caused a huge mad scramble within the company, with Ted having to bear the brunt of it. Through December and into January he has had to help run that store and has barely been able to be home more then 1 day a week. Due to this strenuous work schedule, we decided that I would go with him this past weekend. It was a weekend of hard work, and suffering some sort of bug. Ted has been fighting a sinus infection and now we aren't sure what he has, probably a touch of the flu. He leaves again this evening regardless how he feels. I was so glad to not only be with him, but also to help him as he worked hard to clean up the store and help the new manager from Texas get settled in to work. By the end of January he hopes to be back to his "normal" schedule which of course isn't much different.
I am hoping to get rid of whatever bug we brought back with us and regain strength to hold down the fort here while he is away.
Birthday greetings to my son-James,my brother in laws- Ken and Tim, my nephew- DJ, and my mother.

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Anonymous said...

Right there with ya on the gettin' rid of the bug. I am just getting started with it and I'm miserable. Hope y'all get better soon and happy birthday to all of your family.