Monday, January 28, 2013


I think sometimes we get myopic when it comes to our little families or lives. It feels safer and saner to tune out the news on tv, relegate the internet to just being virtual reality, and isolating ourselves in a cocoon. We like to think that the big world around us only exists when we want it to. Today as I scanned the news online, I saw God taken out of every vestige of our lives, gays allowed into boy scouts, guns being banned from our homes, and the great country that was bled and died for spiraling out of control. Yes, this is extremely discouraging, BUT this means 2 things- First, Jesus is coming back VERY SOON, for it's similar to the time of Noah and also of Lot, but second, before He returns, how many people are we going to share Christ with? This whole miasma of a society needs the Lord.
Hell is enlarging itself according to Scripture... are you helping it along or are you handing out the lifeline of salvation to those who are spiraling towards the abyss?

Not sure how to share the Gospel?
It's as simple as the ABC's

A- admit you are a sinner the Bible clearly shows us that all are born sinful
B- Believe that salvation by faith through Jesus alone can save you
C- Confess your sin to God and ask Him to save you

If you have done these 3 things please let me know

Then there is D-decide to live for God every day....

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