Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Born Tired

Morning.... well ok it's really evening, but I don't think I have woken up yet. I slept really hard last night, woke up normal time this morning. The plumber came long enough to get scared away by all the work that has to be done under the kitchen sink.

Ted tried really hard to take a day off with me. He ended up having to work alot from home, but he tried to imitate a couch potato in the meantime. I ate an early lunch and went to take a nap. Woke up because I felt guilty, but have no energy to do a single thing. Literally, total fatigue has been my overshadowing cloud all day. Ted isn't much better, it feels like a chore just to get up and move.
Are we sick??? I don't think so, I do think that we have just gone non-stop for so long that our bodies are giving out finally. Thinking of crawling back into bed and imitating Rip Van Winkle.... ok seriously, maybe I am getting sick... just want to crawl back into bed again.... not sure why I should feel guilty about that.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012







I am sooo blessed to have so many fathers in my life. First, my Heavenly Father Who is the Pure and Holy Example of what a father is. Then my earthly father who nurtured and loved me and took me to church and encouraged me to live for God. As I became an adult, I married a loving man who in turn became a father to our two boys. He has been a great dad! His father has been like a father to me as well, and I am thankful for that. Life brings triumphs and trials and God blessed us with Ronn who is another father to us as well! It is not often you get 4 godly fathers in your life at the same time.
To all my fathers, but most of all to my Heavenly Father I love You and bless You all on this day of remembrance.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bits and Pieces

What a week!!! Let's go on a fast trip through time, shall we? Last weekend, Ted and I went on a "mini-cation" to Fredericksburg, VA. That actual time capsule I will blog about later, probably in segments. Today, a week later, I have much to be thankful for to God. James was involved in a vehicle accident this morning on his way to work. He is fine, but will have to go to traffic court as he was found at fault. He is hoping to be hired on full time at the plant he is working at in Gaffney, SC. Stay tuned for updates on that. Justin came home from his first week of camp full of stories and spiritual decisions. My niece also called to tell me that she had gotten saved and wanted to give her testimony in teen class tomorrow at Super Church. God answered many prayers in just a few short days. So, you are saying "well, that wasn't much", no, when put into words it does not begin to describe every day and every prayer and each moment of uncertainty. Neither does it give acclaim to every victorious triumph as God shows forth His plan on a daily basis. Nothing is left to chance, there are no coincidences. These few paragraphs are just a hint of a week's worth of events.... Fredericksburg in the next saga....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Da Blues

Wow, so I have officially finished homeschooling!!! What a long journey it has been, but we have never regretted the decision to do that even after all the long nights of pushing them through their math homework. Justin had a beautiful graduation ceremony, I can't wait to get the DVD. The message was very poignant and one of those memories you will always hang onto. The reception was great and the moment was still all too fleeting. Last night as I laid in bed, I couldn't sleep and I just started crying... My stress was finally at its leaking point. We have been going non-stop since April, and I was just plain overwhelmed. After a long day at work today, I came home to a gorgeous bouquet of yellow roses, a lovely bag of chocolate truffles , and a very sweet love letter from my husband thanking me for all my hard work as a mother and wife, etc. That stopped the leaky dam and I was finally able to let it all go! I started packing for my mini celebration that starts Thursday. I am so excited! I can't wait to zip my suitcase and take off with my husband for a couple of days of fun, relaxation, fellowship, and laughter with friends. Justin will get a few weeks at camp this summer as well, then he will say "goodbye to childhood" and "hello" to gainful employment. James was able to switch from the tree service company to a great temp. job with the employment agency. He is also gainfully employed and loving it. Ted stays very busy with work, but that's job security. Now, I just have to find time to finish my flower beds that we started back in April. It will be winter again before I get them finished! Well, back to laundry, and some new found relaxation and peace, and then finish packing my suitcase before another full day of work.