Thursday, January 31, 2008

Free At Last!

The Lord has seen fit to allow me the pleasure of providing a little extra for my family lately, and only He knows how long that will last. After Wednesday night's message, I have much more to think about and pray about when it comes to the decisions in my personal life and relationship with Jesus Christ. I'm happy that Jamie was able to get his laptop. Now he can get his homework done even if he's at grandma's house :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In addition...

Just an end note to that previous post. I looked back in the chat channel to see how the conversation ended.
It turned out to be 2 guys going back and forth about how to raise kids, and neither one had kids of their own. They were both in their early 20's, and the most vocal of the two was studying psychology. He adamantly thought Sigmund Freud was the leading authority on child rearing. They both agreed that they disagreed with each other on how to raise children, and yet had been so quick to tell me how I was doing it all so wrong!
In the book I have been reading, that Ted previously mentioned, there is a little story about Education.
*Some people struggle for answers. One student told the medical school professor that in some points his lectures disagreed with the textbook. When shown where in the textbook, the professor tore those pages out of it..."Now it agrees with me", he said.*

And here is another to close: " A society that scorns excellence in plumbing because it's a humble occupation and promotes shoddy philosophy because it's exalted, has neither good plumbing nor good philosophy. Neither pipes nor theories will hold water." - John Gardner

Judgement Calls

Wow, so here I am enjoying an unexpected day off. Just family time and some housework and of course the huge missions project I am trying to finish up for church.
I spend alot of time online in a chat channel which I have been in since we lived in SC. God lets me use it as a tool to minister and to witness.
Today, though, was interesting. For those of you who adhere to Biblical guidelines, and also homeschool your children, you are probably used to these self appointed judges.
The topic got into homeschooling versus public school. Now, mind you although this is a USA channel, it really is international. The main conversationalists were from Romania, England, the US and possibly a few other countries.
The general consensus amongst all of those was that 1. you should NOT homeschool your children, that it was actually WRONG. 2. You should never discipline or punish your children, only speak nice kind words to them and show them how to live. 3. You must let them suffer bullying and persecution, so that they can know how to live in the real world. That it would be the only way for them to toughen up.
As I said, very uhm interesting. What was prevalent, was the huge assumptions they automatically made just knowing I was homeschooling. They were all telling me at once how to raise my children, without even knowing me OR my children. They automatically assumed that we were anti-"social", my kids were locked up inside all day, and that I must be ignorant of how to raise children.
Most of the time I just sat there letting it flow around me, they weren't listening and weren't caring, just judging me on their own pre-conceived ideas. I was not going to debate or argue what I already knew was God's will for our lives.
My thought for the day: how often do we ourselves, even as Christians, make such quick judgements based on little or no information, and colored by our own preconceived notions about something? Do we base our "judgements" on Scripture, or just pet peeves?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Word For The Day

I had a Dream! Well, yes, but I never remember them. Much like the words I make up. Rebecca and I have had some fun with the words my mind comes up with. Many of which are a direct result of circumstances that arise throughout the day. After creating these words, I rarely write them down.

We had a laugh one night when I made up an awesome word, then formulated a Webster's hypothesis based on the circumstances in which the word came to me. We laughed, because i said "If i don't write it down, I won't remember it." I didn't write it down, and I couldn't remember the word OR it's meaning in the morning. What a sign of an impending geriatric era ahead of me!

When I woke up this morning, much to the demise of my dog. Rebecca, handed me a book that she had started reading. The book is called The Tale of a Tardy Oxcart and 1501 other stories by Chuck Swindoll. In it, was this quote which absolutely identifies my disposition.

I have a little sign that hangs in my study, It reads this way. "Idiosyncratically eccentric phraseology is the promulgator of terrible obfuscation." Doesn't that thrill you to hear that? And on the back is a translation, "Big words cause confusion."

Sunday, January 27, 2008

January Birthdays

Well, I had tried to put all the birthday celebrators on my previous post, but somehow blogger lost all but Mike and Julie's picture(actually, I am still so new to this, I probably screwed it up). So the top picture is my mother, in the middle is Ted's brother Tim, and here at last is my nephew DJ.
Happy Birthday everyone!

The Old and the New

Normally, I would send out a long newsy email newsletter to everyone. With this new blog I have eliminated that mass production. Alas though, I fear, I will have to email people just to remind them that the newsletter and our news is on a more frequent and updated venue then a monthly or tri- monthly email. Please drop us a comment and let us know you were here and read our news. I will not be sending out newsletters anymore. So, farewell to the old and hello to the new!

January is a big month of birthdays in our family and beyond.
As Ted mentioned in the previous post, you can view Ken and Jamie's party pictures on Tammy's blog( a link is on your sidebar of the main page). We also wish Ted's brother, Tim, a very happy birthday. We were unable to spend his special day with him due to the case overload he has had being a Sheriff Detective. Sadly, we see him more on T.V. lately, in the news, due to the crime that has been more frequent lately. Continue to pray for his safety as he never knows what each day will hold in this lost and sinful world.

My mother's birthday was also this month. I hope she had a good day. I don't hear much from her; may be somehow she will find her way to our blog to keep track of us all.

My nephew DJ also celebrates a birthday this month. Happy Birthday DJ!
To all of you precious people who celebrate birthdays or anniversaries this month we wish you God's blessings and many more to come.

I also wish to send a special greeting to our friends Mike and Julie in OK, ya'll are such a huge blessing to us, words can not express the thanks and gratitude and overwhelming feelings we have towards you as our special God given brother and sister in Christ.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


I had to let this out. You remember seeing the pictures of Jamie's birthday party at Mom and Ronn's house. I believe Tammy posted them over at her blog, along with Ken's birthday pictures.

Well, we told Jamie that he has to wait a few more weeks before his REAL birthday present comes in. So we started playing a game to help pass the time. We played 5 dashes on the white board ---.-- and let him fill in the amount he thinks his birthday present costs. He only gets 1 guess per day, and each day, I will update my UP arrow, or DOWN arrow, depending on his answer.

The most difficult thing is that Justin is very close to his brother in age as well as maturity level (imagine that). Justin finds it hard to understand that things cannot always be "the same" in an imperfect world. So for now, he will have to settle for just being the younger brother, even though he is loved absolutely as much as Jamie. I'm sure also, that Rebecca and I will find a way to make him just as happy when it's HIS turn to start guessing.

So, if you know what Jamie is getting. Well, rub it in! :)

oh yeah.. and it's 2:30am. Go figure! I got in from Wadesboro around 1, and still had to gather numbers from my stores. I have a meeting at 8:30am in Spartanburg, so I guess I'd better git 'er done.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow Day Finally!

So the snow finally Came.

Oscar had to stand on one leg. I think he's standing.

Shadow got his first taste of snow.

Shadow found a basket that looked just his size.

Papa Socks got jealous,

but realized Baby Bear's bed was too small.

We spent the snow day racing cars on the PS2

and eating chocolate chip cookies.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Ok, still up at 12:30am and we decided to ring in the snow storm like it was New Years Eve again. So I took some pictures of the snow that started sticking to the ground soon after it started snowing here.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Da Date

Yesterday I took time off from school except to do report cards. I bugged my friend Kristi repeatedly, concerning GPA and credit hours, etc. Thank you, Kristi, for answering the phone each time I called to ramble.
Today, was 'Da Date! Ted and I try, whenever possible, to go on a date. Especially since last week was so hard on me, with his out of town trips, we needed some time out. Unfortunately, with our having been sick and his work schedules, our sleep has been sadly lacking.
We stayed in town and did a bit of shopping and went out for a cheap yummy early supper. We then dragged our weary exhausted bodies back home to collapse in the comfort of our living room. It has been an in house date night instead. Just spending time together alone does alot for the both of us.
I need to jump back into school work tomorrow, but right now I just want this night to go on as long as possible.
I love you baby! Thanks for taking me on "Da Date".

New Group

Finally back from Wadesboro on Saturday night, I enjoyed a restful day at Church. It was a blessing to have my voice back, even if it is still only at 80% (I'm sure I'll be making up for the last 2 weeks without 5 Rows Back on Sunday). I managed to sleep in till 11am Monday Morning, left for work at 12:00, and still put in 16 hours of work yesterday. If you do the math, you will know what time I actually got home last night. Needless to say, I'm taking the day off :)

Anyway, I was approached by Brother Wayne on Sunday about starting a new singing group, making up a men's trio from guys not already in other groups in the church. I'll leave the names yet to be announced, but I've had a burden on my heart for a while now about what the Lord wants me to do for Him since I have been so busy with work outside of church. I know He gave me the job, so I have no conviction to limit His blessings on my job, outside of my commitment to Him to be in church every Wednesday and Sunday. I've prayed about this on many occasions, including Sunday, when Preacher preached about God's answer to our prayers already on the way! It was Sunday afternoon that I talked to one of the guys who was approached by Brother Wayne already about this new group, and it hit me yesterday that the answer to my prayer was already ON THE WAY when I was praying about it. Wow!

Anyway, again.. I have a song that's been on my mind for a few weeks now, but it needs some help. I wanted to post the lyrics here so maybe someone can give me some suggestions. It comes from Concord Baptist Church Choir called "That's Him"

A Tender blade of grass so green
crushed in the footprint of the Nazarene
Sprang back and waved a message to a bird on a wing
That's Him

In a muddy old river in the noonday sun
An outcast kept crying, I tell you he's the one
Then a voice out of heaven said I'm pleased with my Son
That's Him

That's Him, in Sharon's robes
That's Him, our morning Star that glows
He's alpha, omega, the beginning and the end
That's Him

I won't post the rest of the verses because they sound just fine. It's the chorus that needs help. The words "rhyme" but they really don't express what they should. I do not know the song’s background, so I can't say whether it is copyrighted or not. I do know that if this is going to be sung, it needs something different. Any suggestions will be greatly valued.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Do you know Him?

While driving home from my long trip tonight, a song came on the radio that I hadn't heard in years. This in turn reminded me of a song that a missionary sang a few weeks ago. I believe Kristi has a video of it on her blog. The song is called "I Know Him". This song kept running through my head so much I can't even remember the 1st song that set it off.

As I thought about this coincidence I can't help but realize that the Christian is a conundrum. We are both darkness and light, sin and forgiven, flesh and spirit, dead and alive. It's a roller coaster of emotions and decisions; obstacles that must be navigated on a daily basis, constantly every minute of the day. If we did not know Him, we would indeed be lost.

But the amazing unseen hand of God that guides us through every decision, every trial, every triumph; can only be explained if you Know Him. If you Know Him like you know your wife, your husband, your father, your best friend, you will find that for that relationship to be successful and as perfect as He is, then He must know you even more.

I know I sound vague sometimes, but it's hard to explain the feeling I get when I'm just driving along, singing a song with everything inside of me (even if my voice is still limited to a half-key range due to my last cold); with tears welling up in my eyes, because I realize that nothing else matters in life hear on earth except my relationship with Him.

Do you know Him? If you don't know who Him is, or can't call Him by name, just ask Him. He will answer you. He promised.

Greetings from Wadesboro

It seems like it's been a week since.. Oh wait, I guess it has! Time flies when you don't have time to look at your watch.

I was able to run home Wednesday night to see my family and go to Church. An emergency in one of my stores kept me in Shelby Thursday, which was a blessing for Rebecca I know. Then off to Wadesboro I went again Friday. Staying in a Hotel is fun, but hardly seems worth the effort when you only sleep for four hours. But God knows how hard I work, and he won't let it be in vane.

When I took over my new position, I knew I was going to have to stay overnight here at least twice a month. However, these last two weeks have been an exception to the rule. Once the new manager is trained things will settle back to normal (whatever that is).

I've been reading through I & II Samuel about the life of David, and his rule over Judah and Israel. Preacher was right when he said that the Bible has something different in it every time you read it. I've learned so much about how God deals with His people. If we consider that God never changes, we should expect Him to deal with US the same way he dealt with David and Israel. I'm thankful, however, that I have been given a gift that they did not have; Unconditional Forgiveness.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just $20 dollars?!

I had an interesting encounter today that I want to share with you. The boys and I went to Wal-mart, as usual, to lose every hard earned penny we have, to feed a male populated family. As usual, there are vendors outside hawking the local or regional newsprint.
Justin wanted the free paper so that he could read the comics. I, of course, was stuck listening as politely as I could to the young woman's spiel. It was a good price: just $20 for 3 months of the local paper being delivered to my home. What was so different about this sales pitch was that she could not understand why I would wish to consult my husband about a $20 expenditure.

Ted and I have what we hope is a Godly marriage. He is the head of the home, and in our case, also the finances. He has a wonderful talent with math and money. I let him juggle the finances, although we are a team and discuss every aspect of it. I am in charge of the home and groceries and try to keep to a strict budget, especially as we are climbing out of debt. Twenty dollars is not much, but if I had to put it in my grocery budget; I would be feeding my kids ink and paper instead of food. I did not have the pre-approval of Ted over such an expenditure for which we have no need. We view the local news online and do not have to pay extra for it.
I know this sounds like rambling, but what really struck me most today was how she just couldn't understand why I would refuse to spend "just $20" on something because it was a good deal.
I do not know who handles the finances in your home, I have seen various family members handle it different ways, I do know what works in my little unit. God gave Ted to me to be my leader and protector and provider, I consider it an honor and an act of love when I submit to him. It wasn't that I needed his permission ,and I was careful not to use that word, but I would not spend money even on groceries, or as she said " school clothes", without first consulting him to make it our budget allowed for it.
How do you honor your husband? Do your spending habits, even "just $20" fall under Biblical guidelines?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mental Musings of the Working Widow

Hello All, It's Tuesday! The day before Ted returns for a brief time, in the middle of his busy week in Wadesboro.
I finally finished scrubbing the floors of our old house. I will spare you the details of the intensity of this work, and its harsh physical affects on my body. Suffice it to say, it hurts to type, I really have no fingerprints left on either hand. I had stated very boldly and repeatedly in the past that I would NEVER clean that floor again. I believe God wanted me to learn humility at a greater scale, or at least keep my mouth shut more often :)
While I was working there yesterday, God answered our long time prayer about whether we would live there again. The new tenants showed up to pay their security deposit and first month's rent. God answered with a " No, or at least - Not right now".

I am at my in laws while the boys are working on their sewing projects. They enjoy the sewing machine classes that my mother and sister in law teach every Tuesday night.
To be honest, I really did not want to be alone tonight, after a hard day's work of school and cleaning and secretarial mayhem. Normally, I would be craving this time alone. It hinges on Ted being farther away and just feeling lonely.

I did have a lovely conversation with our friend Kristi, today. She knows what I am going through and has been a real encouragement to me. Thank you, Kristi, for your support and offering your sanity in case I misplace mine.

Well, I got on here just to update you all, and to let you know the different things I have learned or re-learned just this week.
1. God always answers prayer in His Way and in His time.
2. If you are in God's will you will always be content.
3. Mental Musings of a Working Widow are probably only therapeutic for the author or the extremely bored sympathetic listener.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Christmas Gift

We had a wonderful time at our Young Married Christmas party, and Josh and Betsy got the Aunt Jemimah gift this year. Rebecca and I were out shopping and ran across the rest of the set (which I have a picture of on my phone and I will upload later). We just couldn't let Josh have Christmas without the Cookie Jar and Salt & Pepper Shakers, so we surprised them in Sunday School the next week.

Josh said they would be on display on his front porch sometime in January. We're still waiting for pictures, Josh!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Weekends, Worries, and What-nots

As Ted said in his post, he has been pretty down with his seasonal cold. The boys have had it, and seem to be much better. I, too, seem to be "under the weather".
As this new year has started, I reviewed the spiritual and personal lessons that God has taught me in the past year, and prayed about what I still needed to work on. Upon further contemplation, I find that I still worry. I know that God will take care of us, He has proved that repeatedly this past year in miraculous ways. So why do I still worry? I think it's more because I do not know the outcome. I have no answers for this, except to say that I am still learning to let God have control and not to stress or fret about things. I am a work in progress!
It cheers me to know that I still have issues that God is working to perfect in me. Just the act of growing and learning is encouraging, in spite of the frustration to get past the old hang-ups.

Today, I had my teen class in Super Church(our bus ministry program at church). It was exciting to see new faces, see people get saved, and interact personally with these precious teenagers. The title for our class lesson today was "The Unbreakable, Non-Refundable Gift(that totally satisfies).
I have been personally discipling one young woman who is not yet in my class. She meets me now every week during the invitation time, asking for help in issues that she faces each week; and how to deal with them in a Christ-like manner. We read Scripture together and close in prayer with the purpose that she will be able to apply God's solutions to her problems. Pray for Shikayah, as her young heart yearns to do what is right.

Pray for us this week, the boys and I will dig deep into schoolwork again after the holidays. I was also asked by my boss to clean the house we used to live in. This always brings mixed emotions to me. We have a desire to live there again, but only in God's will and timing.
With Ted going to Wadesboro next week, I will not have internet access at home. I am hoping that I will be kept busy with school and work, and not have to pine away for my wonderful husband. I am a clingy vine when it comes to his being away on business. Pray that I will be strong and trust in the Lord.

May you all have a blessed weekend, and we trust you will stay in touch during the upcoming weeks.
-Until we meet again...

Under the Weather

Hey All,

I picked up this cold a few days ago that has really hit me hard. I'm rarely phased by the seasonal bugs, but once every year or 2 one does get the drop on me. I've been taking my Vitamin C (2000mg every morning and again at night). Nyquil rules for sleeping at night, and Aleve Cold and Sinus helps through the day. But when they wear off between shifts it's a drag.

I'm headed to Wadesboro to help with a computer upgrade, as well as training a new GM for that store, so I won't be in town next week. Pray for me and Rebecca as she has to spend a few nights alone without me. She rarely gets this pleasure, and I'm sure she doesn't look forward to it.

I wanted to Plug a blog we visit quite often. Thimble-Thoughts is run by a sweet lady we know personally through our church. She's quite the shutterbug, and has a heart of Gold to boot.

Friday, January 4, 2008

HIghDef Backgrounds

My Friend Kevin (Aka: Wheels) lives on Vancouver Island, BC; where we visited a few years back. Definitely too long ago. Anyway, He passes things on to me from time to time (some of which I dare to share with the public), and I wanted to share this with you. This website is dedicated to passing on HighDef Pictures that you can download as backgrounds or whatever. These pictures are awesome! Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Welcome to our world of blogging. We are both new at this, but it should be fun!
We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!
The boys are in NY until tomorrow unless snow prevents their return.
Today Ted and I are planning on disappearing! In fact, he is ready to go now. I will just have to continue this later! :)
Stay safe everyone and see you on the other side :)