Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Christmas Gift

We had a wonderful time at our Young Married Christmas party, and Josh and Betsy got the Aunt Jemimah gift this year. Rebecca and I were out shopping and ran across the rest of the set (which I have a picture of on my phone and I will upload later). We just couldn't let Josh have Christmas without the Cookie Jar and Salt & Pepper Shakers, so we surprised them in Sunday School the next week.

Josh said they would be on display on his front porch sometime in January. We're still waiting for pictures, Josh!


Happymama said...

That was so funny. I don't know if he's kidding or not, but he acts like he really does like them. LOL



that look on his face i know well. he is probably thinking some not so good thoughts and betsy is smiling because she knows what he is thinking!!! hope yall feel better soon, and have a blessed week!!!

Andrew said...

Hey, welcome to the wild world of blogging!

Bless said...

Mrs Palm Pretty, it took a little digging in the sand, but I found out who you are! Thank you for visiting our blog!! Drop in at anytime!

Bless said...

Andrew!! Long time no see! How is Brazil and the Mission work? Thank you for stopping by, and we are definitely getting our feet wet up to the ankles in this blog :)
Hope you see you on a regular basis!