Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Judgement Calls

Wow, so here I am enjoying an unexpected day off. Just family time and some housework and of course the huge missions project I am trying to finish up for church.
I spend alot of time online in a chat channel which I have been in since we lived in SC. God lets me use it as a tool to minister and to witness.
Today, though, was interesting. For those of you who adhere to Biblical guidelines, and also homeschool your children, you are probably used to these self appointed judges.
The topic got into homeschooling versus public school. Now, mind you although this is a USA channel, it really is international. The main conversationalists were from Romania, England, the US and possibly a few other countries.
The general consensus amongst all of those was that 1. you should NOT homeschool your children, that it was actually WRONG. 2. You should never discipline or punish your children, only speak nice kind words to them and show them how to live. 3. You must let them suffer bullying and persecution, so that they can know how to live in the real world. That it would be the only way for them to toughen up.
As I said, very uhm interesting. What was prevalent, was the huge assumptions they automatically made just knowing I was homeschooling. They were all telling me at once how to raise my children, without even knowing me OR my children. They automatically assumed that we were anti-"social", my kids were locked up inside all day, and that I must be ignorant of how to raise children.
Most of the time I just sat there letting it flow around me, they weren't listening and weren't caring, just judging me on their own pre-conceived ideas. I was not going to debate or argue what I already knew was God's will for our lives.
My thought for the day: how often do we ourselves, even as Christians, make such quick judgements based on little or no information, and colored by our own preconceived notions about something? Do we base our "judgements" on Scripture, or just pet peeves?

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Anonymous said...

I commend you for sticking to the homeschooling, sweetie. Wish I had done the same, but will not get into what if's and what might have beens. It's not always easy to follow the way God leads us to live our lives, but we are always blessed when we stick it out and do as He leads. And you are right, how often we make judgments and prejudgments without knowing all the facts or really knowing the people involved. I am quilty of that waaay too often. We do it not only in the secular world, but in the Christian community as well. I need to consistantly bring my preconceptions to the Lord for Him to filter and give me wisdom and disernment. Love ya, Babe! Mom, Jo