Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just $20 dollars?!

I had an interesting encounter today that I want to share with you. The boys and I went to Wal-mart, as usual, to lose every hard earned penny we have, to feed a male populated family. As usual, there are vendors outside hawking the local or regional newsprint.
Justin wanted the free paper so that he could read the comics. I, of course, was stuck listening as politely as I could to the young woman's spiel. It was a good price: just $20 for 3 months of the local paper being delivered to my home. What was so different about this sales pitch was that she could not understand why I would wish to consult my husband about a $20 expenditure.

Ted and I have what we hope is a Godly marriage. He is the head of the home, and in our case, also the finances. He has a wonderful talent with math and money. I let him juggle the finances, although we are a team and discuss every aspect of it. I am in charge of the home and groceries and try to keep to a strict budget, especially as we are climbing out of debt. Twenty dollars is not much, but if I had to put it in my grocery budget; I would be feeding my kids ink and paper instead of food. I did not have the pre-approval of Ted over such an expenditure for which we have no need. We view the local news online and do not have to pay extra for it.
I know this sounds like rambling, but what really struck me most today was how she just couldn't understand why I would refuse to spend "just $20" on something because it was a good deal.
I do not know who handles the finances in your home, I have seen various family members handle it different ways, I do know what works in my little unit. God gave Ted to me to be my leader and protector and provider, I consider it an honor and an act of love when I submit to him. It wasn't that I needed his permission ,and I was careful not to use that word, but I would not spend money even on groceries, or as she said " school clothes", without first consulting him to make it our budget allowed for it.
How do you honor your husband? Do your spending habits, even "just $20" fall under Biblical guidelines?


Happymama said...

Great post, Rebecca. And AMEN to honoring the husband! Bruce doesn't expect me to ask permission on things, but because I love him and respect him, I always consult with him on ALL matters. I rarely do ANYTHING without seeking his mind first. Usually, his thoughts are mine, however, there have been a couple of times when we disagree and he ended up being right.


CNA Momma said...

I love that. Even if I had the $20 I wouldn't use it on the paper! I love the blog!

julianne drews said...

A friend asked me why I couldn't spend JUST $20 on a can of paint. $20 was more than we had for food, let alone the luxury of paint. We are not obligated to give reasons. Yes means yes and no means no. =]

Have you ever seen "Deal or No Deal?" There is always a woman who asks her husband if she should take the deal for $250,000 or risk it all on opening another case, in hopes of getting even more money. The husband tells her to take the deal. She listens but doesn't really want to do what he says, so she risks it anyway and ends up going home with nothing.