Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Old and the New

Normally, I would send out a long newsy email newsletter to everyone. With this new blog I have eliminated that mass production. Alas though, I fear, I will have to email people just to remind them that the newsletter and our news is on a more frequent and updated venue then a monthly or tri- monthly email. Please drop us a comment and let us know you were here and read our news. I will not be sending out newsletters anymore. So, farewell to the old and hello to the new!

January is a big month of birthdays in our family and beyond.
As Ted mentioned in the previous post, you can view Ken and Jamie's party pictures on Tammy's blog( a link is on your sidebar of the main page). We also wish Ted's brother, Tim, a very happy birthday. We were unable to spend his special day with him due to the case overload he has had being a Sheriff Detective. Sadly, we see him more on T.V. lately, in the news, due to the crime that has been more frequent lately. Continue to pray for his safety as he never knows what each day will hold in this lost and sinful world.

My mother's birthday was also this month. I hope she had a good day. I don't hear much from her; may be somehow she will find her way to our blog to keep track of us all.

My nephew DJ also celebrates a birthday this month. Happy Birthday DJ!
To all of you precious people who celebrate birthdays or anniversaries this month we wish you God's blessings and many more to come.

I also wish to send a special greeting to our friends Mike and Julie in OK, ya'll are such a huge blessing to us, words can not express the thanks and gratitude and overwhelming feelings we have towards you as our special God given brother and sister in Christ.

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