Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Group

Finally back from Wadesboro on Saturday night, I enjoyed a restful day at Church. It was a blessing to have my voice back, even if it is still only at 80% (I'm sure I'll be making up for the last 2 weeks without 5 Rows Back on Sunday). I managed to sleep in till 11am Monday Morning, left for work at 12:00, and still put in 16 hours of work yesterday. If you do the math, you will know what time I actually got home last night. Needless to say, I'm taking the day off :)

Anyway, I was approached by Brother Wayne on Sunday about starting a new singing group, making up a men's trio from guys not already in other groups in the church. I'll leave the names yet to be announced, but I've had a burden on my heart for a while now about what the Lord wants me to do for Him since I have been so busy with work outside of church. I know He gave me the job, so I have no conviction to limit His blessings on my job, outside of my commitment to Him to be in church every Wednesday and Sunday. I've prayed about this on many occasions, including Sunday, when Preacher preached about God's answer to our prayers already on the way! It was Sunday afternoon that I talked to one of the guys who was approached by Brother Wayne already about this new group, and it hit me yesterday that the answer to my prayer was already ON THE WAY when I was praying about it. Wow!

Anyway, again.. I have a song that's been on my mind for a few weeks now, but it needs some help. I wanted to post the lyrics here so maybe someone can give me some suggestions. It comes from Concord Baptist Church Choir called "That's Him"

A Tender blade of grass so green
crushed in the footprint of the Nazarene
Sprang back and waved a message to a bird on a wing
That's Him

In a muddy old river in the noonday sun
An outcast kept crying, I tell you he's the one
Then a voice out of heaven said I'm pleased with my Son
That's Him

That's Him, in Sharon's robes
That's Him, our morning Star that glows
He's alpha, omega, the beginning and the end
That's Him

I won't post the rest of the verses because they sound just fine. It's the chorus that needs help. The words "rhyme" but they really don't express what they should. I do not know the song’s background, so I can't say whether it is copyrighted or not. I do know that if this is going to be sung, it needs something different. Any suggestions will be greatly valued.

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Happymama said...

I love Concord Baptist Church Choir. I don't know that I've heard this one though. I'll have to check to see if I have it. I'm excited about hearing this new group!! YIPPEE!