Saturday, January 26, 2008


I had to let this out. You remember seeing the pictures of Jamie's birthday party at Mom and Ronn's house. I believe Tammy posted them over at her blog, along with Ken's birthday pictures.

Well, we told Jamie that he has to wait a few more weeks before his REAL birthday present comes in. So we started playing a game to help pass the time. We played 5 dashes on the white board ---.-- and let him fill in the amount he thinks his birthday present costs. He only gets 1 guess per day, and each day, I will update my UP arrow, or DOWN arrow, depending on his answer.

The most difficult thing is that Justin is very close to his brother in age as well as maturity level (imagine that). Justin finds it hard to understand that things cannot always be "the same" in an imperfect world. So for now, he will have to settle for just being the younger brother, even though he is loved absolutely as much as Jamie. I'm sure also, that Rebecca and I will find a way to make him just as happy when it's HIS turn to start guessing.

So, if you know what Jamie is getting. Well, rub it in! :)

oh yeah.. and it's 2:30am. Go figure! I got in from Wadesboro around 1, and still had to gather numbers from my stores. I have a meeting at 8:30am in Spartanburg, so I guess I'd better git 'er done.


CNA Momma said...

Hey! I still don't know what he's getting! I hope he gets it soon.

Anonymous said...

Well, Cheyenne was standing right there when I was drawing you a mental picture of his surprise without actually using the words that describe it, so I can understand why you still think you don't know what it is, haha.

Yes he knows, but Justin does not know. Jamie wants to keep it a secret from his little brother until he actually has it in hand(s).

Jamie and I went to pick it up today, and he was extremely surprised and happy, but there was an issue with the store's computers that prevented us from taking possession.

Needless to say, I came close to taking one of the store employees outside and explaining him the facts of life. When I told him what I wanted, he got smart with me saying that he doubts they even have any in stock. I told him i checked online, and they did. He smarted off at me that you can't trust the website. Jamie said I scared him when I told the man "The box is right there! Just get the keys!" That got his attention :O)

Anyways, pictures tomorrow.