Saturday, January 5, 2008

Under the Weather

Hey All,

I picked up this cold a few days ago that has really hit me hard. I'm rarely phased by the seasonal bugs, but once every year or 2 one does get the drop on me. I've been taking my Vitamin C (2000mg every morning and again at night). Nyquil rules for sleeping at night, and Aleve Cold and Sinus helps through the day. But when they wear off between shifts it's a drag.

I'm headed to Wadesboro to help with a computer upgrade, as well as training a new GM for that store, so I won't be in town next week. Pray for me and Rebecca as she has to spend a few nights alone without me. She rarely gets this pleasure, and I'm sure she doesn't look forward to it.

I wanted to Plug a blog we visit quite often. Thimble-Thoughts is run by a sweet lady we know personally through our church. She's quite the shutterbug, and has a heart of Gold to boot.

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Happymama said...

Like I told you yesterday...vitamin C and echinacea!!! And awwwww, what a sweet thing to say...about me...yes, me...being a sweet lady...and having a heart of gold...yes, that's me. Just call me "Sweet Gold Heart." I'm so humbled...can you tell?