Saturday, January 12, 2008

Greetings from Wadesboro

It seems like it's been a week since.. Oh wait, I guess it has! Time flies when you don't have time to look at your watch.

I was able to run home Wednesday night to see my family and go to Church. An emergency in one of my stores kept me in Shelby Thursday, which was a blessing for Rebecca I know. Then off to Wadesboro I went again Friday. Staying in a Hotel is fun, but hardly seems worth the effort when you only sleep for four hours. But God knows how hard I work, and he won't let it be in vane.

When I took over my new position, I knew I was going to have to stay overnight here at least twice a month. However, these last two weeks have been an exception to the rule. Once the new manager is trained things will settle back to normal (whatever that is).

I've been reading through I & II Samuel about the life of David, and his rule over Judah and Israel. Preacher was right when he said that the Bible has something different in it every time you read it. I've learned so much about how God deals with His people. If we consider that God never changes, we should expect Him to deal with US the same way he dealt with David and Israel. I'm thankful, however, that I have been given a gift that they did not have; Unconditional Forgiveness.

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