Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mental Musings of the Working Widow

Hello All, It's Tuesday! The day before Ted returns for a brief time, in the middle of his busy week in Wadesboro.
I finally finished scrubbing the floors of our old house. I will spare you the details of the intensity of this work, and its harsh physical affects on my body. Suffice it to say, it hurts to type, I really have no fingerprints left on either hand. I had stated very boldly and repeatedly in the past that I would NEVER clean that floor again. I believe God wanted me to learn humility at a greater scale, or at least keep my mouth shut more often :)
While I was working there yesterday, God answered our long time prayer about whether we would live there again. The new tenants showed up to pay their security deposit and first month's rent. God answered with a " No, or at least - Not right now".

I am at my in laws while the boys are working on their sewing projects. They enjoy the sewing machine classes that my mother and sister in law teach every Tuesday night.
To be honest, I really did not want to be alone tonight, after a hard day's work of school and cleaning and secretarial mayhem. Normally, I would be craving this time alone. It hinges on Ted being farther away and just feeling lonely.

I did have a lovely conversation with our friend Kristi, today. She knows what I am going through and has been a real encouragement to me. Thank you, Kristi, for your support and offering your sanity in case I misplace mine.

Well, I got on here just to update you all, and to let you know the different things I have learned or re-learned just this week.
1. God always answers prayer in His Way and in His time.
2. If you are in God's will you will always be content.
3. Mental Musings of a Working Widow are probably only therapeutic for the author or the extremely bored sympathetic listener.


Happymama said...

It's funny, because I got off the phone feeling that you were there for me today!


Bless said...

Sunshine :) Always :)


i hope things get better for ya and i know that lonely feeling. i actually experience it every third day when chris is at work. you know he works 24 hr. shifts. the LORD is always there though!! have a great day and i am glad you found out who i was. visit me often okay. love,dana