Saturday, January 5, 2008

Weekends, Worries, and What-nots

As Ted said in his post, he has been pretty down with his seasonal cold. The boys have had it, and seem to be much better. I, too, seem to be "under the weather".
As this new year has started, I reviewed the spiritual and personal lessons that God has taught me in the past year, and prayed about what I still needed to work on. Upon further contemplation, I find that I still worry. I know that God will take care of us, He has proved that repeatedly this past year in miraculous ways. So why do I still worry? I think it's more because I do not know the outcome. I have no answers for this, except to say that I am still learning to let God have control and not to stress or fret about things. I am a work in progress!
It cheers me to know that I still have issues that God is working to perfect in me. Just the act of growing and learning is encouraging, in spite of the frustration to get past the old hang-ups.

Today, I had my teen class in Super Church(our bus ministry program at church). It was exciting to see new faces, see people get saved, and interact personally with these precious teenagers. The title for our class lesson today was "The Unbreakable, Non-Refundable Gift(that totally satisfies).
I have been personally discipling one young woman who is not yet in my class. She meets me now every week during the invitation time, asking for help in issues that she faces each week; and how to deal with them in a Christ-like manner. We read Scripture together and close in prayer with the purpose that she will be able to apply God's solutions to her problems. Pray for Shikayah, as her young heart yearns to do what is right.

Pray for us this week, the boys and I will dig deep into schoolwork again after the holidays. I was also asked by my boss to clean the house we used to live in. This always brings mixed emotions to me. We have a desire to live there again, but only in God's will and timing.
With Ted going to Wadesboro next week, I will not have internet access at home. I am hoping that I will be kept busy with school and work, and not have to pine away for my wonderful husband. I am a clingy vine when it comes to his being away on business. Pray that I will be strong and trust in the Lord.

May you all have a blessed weekend, and we trust you will stay in touch during the upcoming weeks.
-Until we meet again...


Happymama said...

You'll certainly be busy this week working on your science project for Thursday. Maybe that will help keep your mind off of Brother Ted not being home....until bedtime, that is. That's always my hardest part. When Bruce is not there. I usually end up staying up WAY too late and dragging around the next day. Try not to do that! lol
Hope you feel better. I've been feeling quite under the weather myself today. Sore throat and all that. :( I hope it passes quickly.

Love ya,

Bless said...

Heart of Sweet Gold, thank you for stopping by and the encouragement.
Science project??!!! I really thought that was due in February!!! I thought this was Health Day with no projects except Justin gets to present his International Culture project from when he was sick.
Now you have me panicking... hellllp!