Saturday, July 30, 2016

Lessons learned this week

1. Bossing people around does not make you the boss
2. Controlling people is not the same as being in control
3. Ministry and Christian service is not a competition
4. Raising your voice to be heard, does not mean you are yelling out of irritation
5. In the midst of the devil trying and succeeding in sowing discord and disharmony, 36 souls were saved!!
Sadly, these lessons should have been learned by many others, instead of observed by the innocent.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Seems I have been away longer then I thought! Blogger removed the American and Christian flag picture from my design and will not let me add it. You can see the warning symbols of where they will not display what we have had there for years!!
Will be interesting to see how long it will be before my spiritual posts are deleted or censured.
My friends have left blogger, I may have to take my future posts elsewhere as well 🤔.

Popcorn Christianity

I have the privilege to teach the teen girls who come to our bus ministry at church. God has given me some amazing lessons over the years. I refuse to teach anything unless God gives it to me. 
The lesson this week was simple and practical, and I was able to share it first with a client yesterday, then today in class.
Today's lesson:
Each of us start out as simple seeds. When you add the oil and the heat of Holy Ghost conviction, you either burst out of your hard shell into new life, or you harden your hearts and refuse new life. Un popped kernels are a waste and end up burned and discarded (people who harden their hearts and refuse to be saved will be discarded into a burning hell...what a waste!) Matthew 13:18-23
As we allow God to use the oil and heat of trials and testing, we can burst into a full piece beautiful and enjoyable. (Romans 5:4-5) 
Some people do not respond well to trials and testing and will not grow into their full potential. Others let trials burn them, and leave them unpalatable and they waste away. 
Now popcorn is good, but tastes even better when you add butter and salt. Christianity is meant to be enjoyed and to give joy. No one enjoys stale popcorn either. Keep your relationship fresh, alive, and full of the Holy Ghost every day! (Psalm 45:7, Ezekiel 16:19,and Luke 14:34)
Lastly, popcorn is meant to be shared....are you sharing the good news of Christ's love?
Mark 16:15-16

Which piece of popcorn are you?
Picture was taken 7/16/16