Saturday, August 15, 2009

So, What?

Hello Family and Friends!
Camp was great for the boys and their youth group!! So what did we do? Well, the week after camp, we sent the boys back for a 3 day Teen Leadership Conference. They count that as one of their best memories in a long time. They are STILL talking about it all.

So, now What?? Well, we lost our internet completely at home, tried every gadget and promise out there and to no avail. Ted NEEDS internet for his job... he has been coming over here to his Momma's to use her connection. As you can imagine that makes his work even more stressful and harder to manage his 6 stores. So WHAT are we gonna do? Well, we have to move! God opened a door to a lovely place not too far away, in fact, back in our old stomping grounds. Pray that this will soon become available(there has been some obstacles that have arisen to us actually moving there)OR that we can find another place with internet access that is readily available.

Yes, this means I have already started packing, and have had a huge yard sale. Just waiting on God to show us WHAT we are do to and where to go.
Now you know what's what... soo, how are ya'll doing?

I have been remiss and have not sent out Birthday greetings to my dad, and to Ted and anniversary greetings to my parents, and to Ronn and Shirley. I really thought I had posted this month. I apologize for not showing ya'll that I have NOT forgotten.