Thursday, January 31, 2013


Ever notice little quirks or personal preferences you might have? Here are a few that I have noticed about myself.
In this age of technology, I still strongly prefer to open the pages of my Bible instead of clicking my mouse to a website, or as some others do- open an app on their newest phone or device.

As many of you know, God did not gift me with a singing voice, but my soul and heart sing as loudly and strongly as they can. Many times I am at home, and I will think of a song that was song by the choir, or youth, or groups in our church and I will get online to re-play it. Nearly every time, I realize that it sounded better when it was sung at our church during a worship service, and I just don't hear that special touch when I listen to it online.

Another thing I have been struggling with is this blog, it's a vehicle of musings and encouragements, spiritual insights and lessons, but alot of time it just seems like there are too many personal pronouns being used. I know that if I didn't write it, then it wouldn't get said, but you know what I mean?

Now before you think I am anti-technology, which I am not, often times we use the ease of the internet to steal away precious, un-distracted moments with God.

Open your Bible page by page and read what God is saying to you
Worship in church with praise in your heart and a song on your lips
Share your burdens and encourage others as much as you can in person

Ok so this quirky person is off to have another cup of coffee... enjoy the sunshine, meditate on God's Word, and rejoice in the beautiful blessings of this day.

Monday, January 28, 2013


I think sometimes we get myopic when it comes to our little families or lives. It feels safer and saner to tune out the news on tv, relegate the internet to just being virtual reality, and isolating ourselves in a cocoon. We like to think that the big world around us only exists when we want it to. Today as I scanned the news online, I saw God taken out of every vestige of our lives, gays allowed into boy scouts, guns being banned from our homes, and the great country that was bled and died for spiraling out of control. Yes, this is extremely discouraging, BUT this means 2 things- First, Jesus is coming back VERY SOON, for it's similar to the time of Noah and also of Lot, but second, before He returns, how many people are we going to share Christ with? This whole miasma of a society needs the Lord.
Hell is enlarging itself according to Scripture... are you helping it along or are you handing out the lifeline of salvation to those who are spiraling towards the abyss?

Not sure how to share the Gospel?
It's as simple as the ABC's

A- admit you are a sinner the Bible clearly shows us that all are born sinful
B- Believe that salvation by faith through Jesus alone can save you
C- Confess your sin to God and ask Him to save you

If you have done these 3 things please let me know

Then there is D-decide to live for God every day....

Thursday, January 24, 2013


I have been experiencing a strange lull in the drama of life lately. In my previous job, I fought hard to be content and to find peace. I know God had me there for a time and reason and I do not regret it. Although the field of work I am in now is almost completely foreign to me, I do know that I am totally in God's will. That knowledge has brought peace and true contentment. I am baffled by the turn of events that led me here. I never pictured myself working in an office, but thought that surely helping missionaries was every Christian's dream job. How could God want me to leave that sort of work? Going into a secular work place was extremely intimidating, but my Heavenly Father has shown me that I am now truly in the mission field. Whether it is counselling a troubled co-worker, encouraging and sharing spiritual truths with my Christian boss, or sharing Christ with the customers, now is the trying of my faith. What a joy it is to walk into work and see my boss just finishing her devotions, or being able to discuss what God is doing in my life with those around me!

A myriad of thoughts meander through my head lately, I had not expected to be on earth in 2013. What lesson will God give me to learn? Lately, it seems to just be a reminder of sticking to the basics, staying in God's Word, finding quiet moments to worship, meditate, and reflect on God's truths, taking the opportunities to witness, being a godly wife and mother, and earnestly care for the spiritual lives of my Super Teens- the ministry God called me to do.

Today, I spent some time putting away the Christmas decorations, it's never been so late in the year to do that for me. I am also filing away the missionary letters from last year in our church's missionary scrapbook. Alternating between music that makes me yearn for Heaven, and peace and solitude that makes my soul swell with contentment, it's truly a blissful day.
God had me read Galatians chapters 5-6 for my morning devotions just now, wow so much in there of just the basics.... I am starting to see a theme here..... what is God showing you?

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Ted has for the past year been supervising 2 stores about 5 hours away. We have discussed having me go with him on a regular basis so that we aren't apart so often. This has never actually happened until this last weekend. In December, the manager of the farthest and busiest store in the company decided to resign after decades of management. This was sudden and caused a huge mad scramble within the company, with Ted having to bear the brunt of it. Through December and into January he has had to help run that store and has barely been able to be home more then 1 day a week. Due to this strenuous work schedule, we decided that I would go with him this past weekend. It was a weekend of hard work, and suffering some sort of bug. Ted has been fighting a sinus infection and now we aren't sure what he has, probably a touch of the flu. He leaves again this evening regardless how he feels. I was so glad to not only be with him, but also to help him as he worked hard to clean up the store and help the new manager from Texas get settled in to work. By the end of January he hopes to be back to his "normal" schedule which of course isn't much different.
I am hoping to get rid of whatever bug we brought back with us and regain strength to hold down the fort here while he is away.
Birthday greetings to my son-James,my brother in laws- Ken and Tim, my nephew- DJ, and my mother.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sundry Times

2013 who knew it? Well, God did. He numbers every one of our days and He knows His divine calendar. I never expected to see this day dawn on the temporal side of eternity. So, what does this mean? Well, it means to keep watching, be ready, and work for the night is coming!

This blog was founded with the purpose of helping others through their valleys as we have been through ours. Ted and I have not shared the depth of our recent valleys because we do not wish to cause gossip or harm to befall those who were involved. Ted and I were discussing it last night, and again came to the realization that it was a very dark time for us.
Every year God gives me a personal spiritual lesson for me to work on and learn and achieve. Last year(2012), He was very persistent that I learn to trust Him. I am so glad I chose to work on that lesson because I sorely needed to trust Him when I did not know which way to turn. At the end of this lesson, God sweetly whispered that with trust comes obedience. When I chose to obey Him instead of those who wanted me to follow their ideas and ways, I was released from a burden I did not realize I was carrying so heavily. With that choice of obedience, I changed jobs, then overcame some personal fears, worked on some challenging lessons, un-invited myself to a personal pity party, and decide to continue to obey God.

It's 2013, God has put me in a place where He wants to use me, and I am so thankful and humbled that He chose me to be an answer to someone's prayer. I have no doubts that I am doing God's will for my life. That is an amazing feeling!

What is God's lesson for me this new year? I am working on the obedience part, being an active witness to a lost world, being a living testimony to my kids and coworkers, being a strong,supportive helpmeet to my husband..... when God chooses to tell me what specific thing He wants me to grow and develop then I will concentrate on that as well.

Did I start a diet and exercise program? I don't think I will tell you ;)

Happy New Years! To obey God is better then sacrifice.... .... we ought to obey God rather then men....-these two truths are often found and cultivated in the valleys of your journey with God.