Thursday, January 24, 2013


I have been experiencing a strange lull in the drama of life lately. In my previous job, I fought hard to be content and to find peace. I know God had me there for a time and reason and I do not regret it. Although the field of work I am in now is almost completely foreign to me, I do know that I am totally in God's will. That knowledge has brought peace and true contentment. I am baffled by the turn of events that led me here. I never pictured myself working in an office, but thought that surely helping missionaries was every Christian's dream job. How could God want me to leave that sort of work? Going into a secular work place was extremely intimidating, but my Heavenly Father has shown me that I am now truly in the mission field. Whether it is counselling a troubled co-worker, encouraging and sharing spiritual truths with my Christian boss, or sharing Christ with the customers, now is the trying of my faith. What a joy it is to walk into work and see my boss just finishing her devotions, or being able to discuss what God is doing in my life with those around me!

A myriad of thoughts meander through my head lately, I had not expected to be on earth in 2013. What lesson will God give me to learn? Lately, it seems to just be a reminder of sticking to the basics, staying in God's Word, finding quiet moments to worship, meditate, and reflect on God's truths, taking the opportunities to witness, being a godly wife and mother, and earnestly care for the spiritual lives of my Super Teens- the ministry God called me to do.

Today, I spent some time putting away the Christmas decorations, it's never been so late in the year to do that for me. I am also filing away the missionary letters from last year in our church's missionary scrapbook. Alternating between music that makes me yearn for Heaven, and peace and solitude that makes my soul swell with contentment, it's truly a blissful day.
God had me read Galatians chapters 5-6 for my morning devotions just now, wow so much in there of just the basics.... I am starting to see a theme here..... what is God showing you?

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the job is going well. And, Lord willing, I'll have my Christmas decorations down and put away soon. Never did get to it today. On the "brighter" side, the lights outside are down. LOL