Thursday, January 31, 2013


Ever notice little quirks or personal preferences you might have? Here are a few that I have noticed about myself.
In this age of technology, I still strongly prefer to open the pages of my Bible instead of clicking my mouse to a website, or as some others do- open an app on their newest phone or device.

As many of you know, God did not gift me with a singing voice, but my soul and heart sing as loudly and strongly as they can. Many times I am at home, and I will think of a song that was song by the choir, or youth, or groups in our church and I will get online to re-play it. Nearly every time, I realize that it sounded better when it was sung at our church during a worship service, and I just don't hear that special touch when I listen to it online.

Another thing I have been struggling with is this blog, it's a vehicle of musings and encouragements, spiritual insights and lessons, but alot of time it just seems like there are too many personal pronouns being used. I know that if I didn't write it, then it wouldn't get said, but you know what I mean?

Now before you think I am anti-technology, which I am not, often times we use the ease of the internet to steal away precious, un-distracted moments with God.

Open your Bible page by page and read what God is saying to you
Worship in church with praise in your heart and a song on your lips
Share your burdens and encourage others as much as you can in person

Ok so this quirky person is off to have another cup of coffee... enjoy the sunshine, meditate on God's Word, and rejoice in the beautiful blessings of this day.

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