Saturday, February 9, 2013


Yes, by the titles you can see that alliterating wordiness is a quirky characteristic of mine that satisfies my indulgent quest for individuality.
Realizing that it's another month and so far no new post from this end of the hemisphere enticed a personal mental randomness. Already you are wondering what all this blabbering is about, or maybe you are following along easily with just a smidgen of a smirk on your countenance.
Actually, it's an attempt to see how far this post can go without using personal pronouns in every sentence. It's an adventure into the internal, mental thesaurus in which the challenge appeals to a collective sense of satisfaction attributed to individual quirkiness.

Whoo! Now that was nearly a tongue twister to wade through just so my personal blog stayed personal without seeming to be overly presumptuous.

Praise the Lord, James has a second job!!!
Praise the Lord, after a long week, these few days off have been blessedly quiet and unproductive!
Praise the Lord, Ted has chosen to work from home these past few days to be together with us.

There is a second pot of chili simmering in the crockpot, turkey fixing to be baked for tomorrow, and beautiful sunshine streaming in all the windows and doors.

May your February be blessed with love, and may the Son shine in your heart....

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