Sunday, February 24, 2013

Get what you ask for?

Good Morning,
With Ted's travel schedule and my varied work hours, we have precious little time to ourselves and not really any true days off. So yesterday as I spent the day with him before I had to go to work, and while he was working I was lamenting how I just needed a true day off and preferably with him. We don't count Sundays as off, because he still works between services and church activities keep us on the move. I LOVE church, but I inwardly wished my Sundays were somehow more restful.
Guess what? This morning, I woke to a swollen throat and fever, and Ted has a white spot on his tonsil. We stood inspecting each others various signs of illness and weighed the options. Go to church and share our germs, get more germs added to our weak systems, or stay home and miss church! He finally decided that we should stay home. God gave me my inward desire, a day of forced rest with my husband. Of course, I hadn't expected to be sick during this day off, lol. Yes, God has a sense of humor... He will give me a day of rest, but He is going to make sure I HAVE to rest if I want it that badly.

I really miss being at church, but the sun shining on the porch is begging me to come out and read my Bible and enjoy some quiet time with the Lord on this true day of rest.

Shhhhh..... can you hear it? It's the sound of peace and quiet.

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