Saturday, February 16, 2013

When things go awry

Ever have one of THOSE days? It was predicted to snow, but Ted wanted to take me out today anyway even just for the day since our vacation was canceled due to his work issues. I woke up at 8:30 and something smelled reallly bad. I dashed to the shower assuming it must be me.... the smell woke Ted up and we looked at each other trying to hunt down the source. Alas, Oscar was sick, I could say sicker then a dog, except he IS a dog. So we spent the morning cleaning the dog, his box, the floors and keeping an eye on him. He is hiding out in the boys' bathroom which actually keeps the cleaning down to a minimum. Then the cat inhaled the last of the food in the bowl and started puking. I have mopped the floor twice and spot mopped areas repeatedly. I put the cat outside since his issue was just gorging and not illness. He is staring at me through the window wondering why he can't come back inside. Between the smell of animal vomit and cleaning products I am starting to feel nauseous!
Anyway, so far no snow and no escape with my Valentine either. He has spent the morning working from his computer, and I have sat here praying that the dog will recover.

Yup, one of THOSE days!!!!

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