Friday, February 15, 2013

Big Girl Boots

Life is full of mountains and valleys, fantastic fun and frustrating flubs. Our family fully knows this as we rarely have a boring moment to treasure. That's right we are so rarely bored that when it happens we rejoice in it! Strange as this sounds, I would love for a boring moment right now. Our Valentines Vacation was canceled, our expectations totally disappointed as circumstances gnawed away at our sanity. Another of Ted's managers has quit leaving Ted trying to run a store that is 2 hours away. If you remember he was still trying to get the new manager in the other coastal store settled and moving forward. Ironically, that manager is not as competent as promised, and the one that just quit here was even less competent in training and running the store. The manager in training that Ted has is refusing to relocate and also seems to lack the training necessary to be in the position as titled. Ted is SO frustrated!
What does this mean? Well, it means that I will not invite myself to a pity party, or let frustration and disappointment become my bosom buddies. I will dig down deep, put my big girl boots on and pray for my man who desperately needs divine intervention and wisdom. He can fix stores, but he can't fix stupid :(.

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