Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Whirlwind Week -Monday

The week of Thanksgiving was such a whirlwind that I am going to blog 1 day at a time so that you dont lose track of all that transpired.
Monday- Ted had picked up James from Ft. Lee at midnight and they spent the night in a hotel in VA. During the trip home to NC, they shopped for an engagement ring. They arrived home about 4:15pm, picked me up so that James could surprise his girlfriend as she got out of work. Since I had been sick so much, his girlfriend did not know if I was out sick or what. She figured he was coming home some time that week, but was still surprised to see him on MOnday. We took them out to eat and then the two of them went off to reconnect. Having Boots in the house was a definite blessing. He really had not changed much in his personality and that was a relief to know he was just as quirky as ever. And this was just the beginning....

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