Saturday, July 21, 2012

Now What?

Wow, so I was sitting here voraciously reading everything online that I could think of that would interest me. I have rotated the laundry, ate an early lunch, and meditated over one of my favorite authors and the book I just finished reading last night. As I sat here thinking about what to do next, I realized I was actually bored! How Exciting!! I so rarely get bored as I am always busy doing something or going somewhere. I love it when I get bored because of the odd rarity of it. It means I have finally slowed down enough to relax and have nothing pressing to do. Sure I have laundry to fold and put away, but as I have plenty more to wash I am not planning on doing that until later tonight.
Ted went to get Justin from Leadership Camp and plans to stop in at one of his stores to work on the way back. James isn't out of bed, the hummingbirds are still fighting over who gets to drink(such lessons you can learn by watching hummingbirds), and I blessedly have nothing to do.
I could shout and dance!!! I often pray for days like this, so - today I am so utterly grateful to be bored!!!! Now, let's see how long it lasts.....

PS. a couple of hours later an emu showed up slurping out of our fast drying mud puddle... aren't boring days cool?

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