Saturday, July 21, 2012

Skip That!

Sitting here on a quiet Saturday morning, listening to the various hum of appliances and the skittering of our pets, I had to take a break from reading the news.

Last night in my devotional time I was reading God's promises of the Millennial reign to His chosen nation of Israel. This morning I am reading the news of massacres, uprisings, horrid abuse cases, diseases, politics, abductions, and general carnal mayhem. If you think this is bad, have you made plans to skip the Tribulation?
God's promises will all be fulfilled from beginning to end, and that includes the Tribulation- God's judgement on Israel and the earth for rejecting Him....
If you think this is pretty bad you ain't seen nothin' yet!!!

"This" is leading to "That" - Don't miss the Rapture, or you will not be skipping the Tribulation.

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